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Sakina Yousaf: Hi John , Happy birthday in advance (17 Dec)🤩🤲 Jeety raho ❤️ it's request to you please wish Ahmed , his first birthday coming on 6th dec and next day will be mine birthday 🎂🎉 (7th dec) . Lots of love and heartiest best wishes to you 💕🤲😇

John Abraham: Thanks Sakina. I hope you have an awesome birthday on 7th December and best wishes also to Ahmed on 6th. Lots of love to you both :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir, I wish you, Priya maam Bailey

John Abraham: Best wishes to you too, Pranav. Take care :)

Hamim Ahmed: Hello brother John, it’s been long time haven’t talked to you. How are you? I am excited and hyped for your upcoming movies i.e The Diplomat, Tehran, Vedaa etc. And i am also regular to gym, working out hard besides my job to have a physique like you. Love you brother, take care.

John Abraham: All the best to you too, Hamim. Keep gymming :))

Kushak Deshmukh: Hi John , My wife is a Bigtime Fan. Its her Birthday today Her Name is Rachel . I so wish you could just wish her once.

John Abraham: I'm so sorry I missed this, Kushak. Sending you belated birthday wishes, Rachel. I hope you had a super day. Thanks for your support :))

Kira D Cattan: You make a VERY GOOD villain, Especially when it comes to rolls like Ek Villain Returns. Thankfully Netflix has all the goodies. Enjoy the Holidays, hopefully it's not too cold where you're at. :D

John Abraham: Thanks Kira :)

Arman: Hi. John sir all the best for your movie pathaan I again and again seen this your negative role it's make this movie powerful with your acting and actions against SRK. Love you always john sir.😘

John Abraham: Thanks Arman. It's always fun to play the villain :))

Kira D Cattan: I'm one of the late comers to Bollywood movies,and they're hard to find on DVD here in the US. Netflix is fantastic. I recently saw *old?* news of a knee injury? I sympathize. Had a knee replacement, not fun. :D Anyways, Happy Diwali. May your days be blessed. - Kira

John Abraham: Thanks for your concern, Kira, but it happened years ago. All good now :)

Ramesh: Hi John how are you? I like your smile very much.💙

John Abraham: Thanks Ramesh, that's sweet :)


John Abraham: That would be fun, Farhan :)

LamiaeBouziane: Hi John, how are you? Happy Diwali, you really shone and dazzled at Jio Plaza, and your fascinating smile… Ohhh my god ☺️😍, handsome and graceful as always, I hope my wish comes true and I will meet you soon, Love you John, take care😘

John Abraham: So sweet. You take care too, Lamiae :)

Syed Afridi: Hi John Sir...Ur Fan Syed here Ur Birthday is Upcoming in Month of December...A wish u happy birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁 in Advance...May God bless u with health wealth and prosperity in ur life" I want to meet u in this month but I unable

John Abraham: Thanks Syed. Take care :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) I am feeling so bad, one man broke my heart, my soul is crying. I love him, he doesn't love me and doesn't let me go, it's my first serious feelings, please give me advice how to do. You were fantastic in Jio Plaza! So handsome! Love You and take care!!!

John Abraham: Hi Assel. I'm so sorry you're feeling sad. All I can say is that the hurt will pass, and one day you will realise that he wasn't the one for you after all. Please take care. Sending you a very big hug.

Akshita sharma: Hi John my sister is a huge fan of urs and today is her birthday can you wish her happy birthday her name is Ankita

John Abraham: Happy Birthday, Ankita, I hope you have a super day. Have fun :))

Sakina Yousaf: Hi John, how are you ? Sending lots of best wishes from Multan 💕

John Abraham: I'm fine, Sakina. I hope you're well too :)

Lamiae Bouziane: Hi John, Rocky Handsome required a lot of work and physical preparation from you but the result is simply perfect, it’s by far THE BEST Indian action film, I don't say that because I’m one of your fans☺️ 😌but because I really mean it, this film really stands out and breaks stereotypes and clichés about Bollwood action. it has a magnificent scene where you GRACIOUSLY did Thai chi, do you practice a martial art? if not, which one would you like to do? take care John, sending lots of love and hugs❤️

John Abraham: Hi Lamiae. I did a lot of taekwondo when I was young but I kept getting hurt on my face so I was advised to stop :))

IK: hi John, hope you are doing well. saw your ecko ad for infinite. my topmost in physical activities has been learning skiing in auli for a week .. as a curious fan, may i ask yours too ? sending lots of hugs and love ❤️❤️❤️

John Abraham: Hi Indu. If you mean the most physically gruelling, then training for Rocky Handsome was very tough. Sending a hug back :))

Tejashree Reddy: Hello John...ur are such sweetheart, a Handsome Gentleman nd kind hearted human ive ever seen ...I LOVE YOU ....Please stay HEALTHY WEALTHY

John Abraham: Thanks Tejashree. You're very sweet. You stay healthy too :)

Lamiaebouziane : Hi John, how are you? I want to thank you for wishing me a happy birthday last week 🥰☺️, I was extremely delighted, it really made my day special because you are SPECIAL to me, so thank you for your kindness and courtesy. Take care John. LOOOOVE you❤️.

John Abraham: My pleasure, Lamiae :)

lamiaebouziane: Hi John, how are you doing? Today October 12th is my birthday 🥳​, please would you like to wish me, it will make it very special for me😍​; I really hope to meet you someday, do you think I'll have the chance to meet you? Thank you in advance, good luck and take care, LOVE you John.❤️​

John Abraham: Happy Birthday Lamiae, I hope you have a super day. Lots of love :))

Himesh Gupta: Hi John I am have joined the gym and am taking care of my diet and i felt My strength has been improved a lot as compared to before I want one gf I hope through my physique I will get one.

John Abraham: Best of luck, Himesh :)

Swayamsiddha : Hi John,hope all is good.My son Ansh is 11 years now and he is your greatest fan.Every Saturday we both are watching your movies.He really likes you❤️❤️.plz text something for him and bless him🙏

John Abraham: Hi Ansh. Thanks for all your support. It means a lot. All the best to you :))

Lamiaebouziane: Hi John, how are you? After the strong earthquake that hit Morocco on September 8th there was a mourning throughout the country, I felt a lot of grief towards the victims since I myself survived a big earthquake in 2004; September was emotionally hard for me, when I’m sad,I become very silent n reserved, it’s my way to rebalance my feelings, I’ve never shared my sadness with anyone, it’s my first time, now I’m fine plus my birthday is next week on the 12th so I’m excited, take care John,LOVE you

John Abraham: You have a very strong spirit, Lamiae. Please take care :)

Syed Afridi: Hi John Sir...Ur Fan Syed In My College days I have pimples on my face long Time but Now it's gone only daks are left I applied ur face wash Gariner oil clear And Acno fight I saw ur advertisement Gariner Double Action Mens face wash "poultion Gone fairness on" its Amazing I'm Using that's...I'm following ur Footsteps to become like u practicing ur walking 🚶‍♂️ style My prayers are always with u..May God bless u with health wealth and prosperity in ur life love you forever Sir ❣❣❣👍

John Abraham: Thanks Syed, same to you :)

Sharan Shinge : Hi John sir I’m Sharan From Jafcians It’s my birthday today Sir I want your blessings

John Abraham: Sorry I missed this, Sharan. I hope you had a great day. All the best always :))

Syed Afridi: Hi John Sir....How r u Ur Fan Syed here I'm so happy that now ur Ambassador of Gas brand And good to see u Riding a Sports bikes Racing..Good Apart from this I need suggestions from u I didn't Decided About my future.. I want to be An Actor it's My passion...please suggest me what About ur Upcoming Movie Tehran when it's releasing please update about it love u forever Sir ❣❣👍

John Abraham: Hi Syed. Tehran is releasing 26 April 2024. Thanks for your interest :)

Assel from Kazakhstan: Good evening, Dear John :) 5 October - My Birthday, My Big Dream - Your Wish :) Big hugs to Bailey and Sia!!! Love You and take care!!!

John Abraham: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Assel. I hope you have a super day. All the best :))

Nisha: In lock down , what did u do at home? How did u utilise that time.

John Abraham: There was a lot of work that could be done online, Nisha. Plus I was lucky enough to be able to workout at home.

Shash: Hi John. Just dropping by to say hello and that I really love and admire you. I'm going through a really difficult time in life right now and I felt that hearing from you would definitely cheer me up. It was also great to see you at the MotoGP event, as seeing you always brings a smile to my face no matter what I am going through. Take care!

John Abraham: Hi Shash, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you're feeling better now. Sending a BIG hug :))

Akash Sharma: Hello John, your personality is impeccable. You should definitely make a debut in Hollywood. I would love to see you on an international platform. It's a public demand :)

John Abraham: Thank you Akash, you're very sweet :)

Lamiaebouziane: VOILA! our handsome,kind, charming hero....(the list is endless😅) John gave us the real live version of Dhoom, in the flesh, what could be better. You were dazzling and it was a pleasure to see you riding on a circuit, I love when you ride a bike,I know it's your passion"religion as you said"and it's always breathtaking to see you doing it, it would be very interesting if you start your own racing team. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart John. Take care handsome😎😘

John Abraham: Yes, I live to ride. You take care too, Lamiae :))

Manjeet Kaur: Hello John sir, I’m one of your biggest fans. You’re my inspiration in life for fitness, your kindness towards animals, social work and so on. Thank you for being a wonderful person and inspiration. My birthday is on 28th September sir and your wish can make it special so please wish me and thanks in advance sir.

John Abraham: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Manjeet. Have a super day :))

Swayamsiddha : Hello John.Hope U r doing well.After a long gap m texting.plz help me sir..After my mom's demise I can't control my emotions n that's why m feeling anxious n getting panik attacks.Now this is the part of my life.Your one word will change my life.plz suggest something positive 🙏🙏love you so much ❤️

John Abraham: I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Swayamsiddha. Grieving is natural and takes time. But I know your inner strength will get you through this. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

Syed Afridi: Hi John Sir....How r u I'm Happy to Say u that to be Honest...I Maintain ur walking Style Ur Face Expressions and Following ur dressing Also only 50% done but Still I'm improving to become like u I thankful to God for giving me Such brilliant person like u..please Update Abour Ur Upcoming Movie Tehran And Trailer Also...May God bless u with health wealth and prosperity in ur life love you Forever Sir ❣❣👍

John Abraham: Thanks for your support, Syed. Best wishes to you too :))

Aashna: Hi sir! How are you? Do you think mental health is an important aspect of being healthy?

John Abraham: Hi Aashna. Yes, it is very important. Your state of mind can have a great effect on your physical wellbeing.

Sakina Yousaf: Best of luck and lots of love ❤️

John Abraham: Thank you, Sakina. I hope you're well too :)

Lamiaebouziane: Hi John, how are you? Hope you are doing well, take care.

John Abraham: I'm fine, Lamiae. I hope you are too :)

Rajesh Nayak : Sir Tell us About Tehran Movie

John Abraham: Be patient, Rajesh :)

IK: hi John. hope you are doing great. as i was eating beetroot hummus,pesto hummus, wild rice, grilled paneer and what not by a fitness brand today, i thought "would John wanna launch such brand too someday? Tiger has Prowl Foods, Hrithik has Eatfit but no "total veg" brand out there". Yours truly owns the trademark "naasto"(meaning snack) in India btw .Sending lots of love and hugs ❤️❤️❤️

John Abraham: It's an interesting idea, Indu. Maybe one day. Sending hugs back :)

Suresh Bishnoi JAFCIANS : Hii Baba How Are you This is Suresh Bishnoi We All JAFCIANS Army hope you are Well and shooting Take care Baba we all JAFCIANS can’t wait for Tehran

John Abraham: Always glad of your support, Suresh. Best wishes to you and all the JAFCIANS. SPARRRRTTAAAAA!!! :))

Anudeep: hey john sir What do you about think calisthenics

John Abraham: Hi Anudeep. Calisthenics are great exercises because they use your own body weight and don't need much equipment. So if you can't get to a gym you can still workout. Any form of exercise is better than none, but calisthenics are especially good for building strength, endurance and flexibility. I hope that helps :)

HARSHVARDHAN SINGH : Hey John sir. I just finished force again and the look , the hairstyle, the muscular physique you carry on that is absolutely amazing 👏 mind blowing sir and we hope to see u see in that type of role again 😀................LOVE YOU ACP YASHVARDHAN SIR ❤️

John Abraham: Thanks for the appreciation, Harshvardhan. All the best to you :)

Syed Afridi: Hi John Sir How r u.. Ur fan syed here.. just waiting to watch ur Upcoming Movies..Tehran when it's releasing And vedha Also..And r u in war 2 Sequel with hrithik Roshan??... Apart from this I want to Say something to u About Animals Many street dogs 🐕 I'm saying g are getting injured Day to day its my request with u do Something like beating Animals Is fine please 🙏to be honest with u I'm providing Biscuits and Milk to dogs daily...I also love animals..love u forever Sir ❣❣👍

John Abraham: Keep up your great work, Syed. Voiceless animal need caring kindness like yours.

Mrinali: Hi john I am a huge fan of u. Tbh u looked damn sexy in long hair:))) Can u grow ur hair??????????? PLZZZZ XOXO

John Abraham: I'm glad you liked it, Mrinali, but I'd only grow my hair long again if a role needed it :)

Charles : Dera John seeing your movies as I get time I am now 48 years old and have enjoyed watching your movies for past 18 years. Times flies very quickly. I had a suggestion that you do a historical movie on Lachit Borphukan who was the only king to defeat Aurangazeb.i think it will also give boost to your the number of fan following you have. Keep punching.

John Abraham: Thanks Charles :))

Lamiaebouziane: Hi John, how are you? How many times a week do you work out? Please continue to make beautiful movies for us (as you have always done)🤗😍, count on our constant support and admiration. I wish you all the best and a lot success and as always LOVE you John. Take care 😊 my best hero.

John Abraham: Hi Lamiae. That depends on what sort of look my latest film role requires. Sometimes it will be intensive heavy weight training, sometimes more cardio for a leaner look. But I always train like a beast! :)

Ahmad Hussain: Hi.abraham sir I would to talk about you to my triceps extension this is slowly develop in the exercise please guide me how can I build them Bigger and muscular like you.....

John Abraham: Hi Ahmad, the triceps does tend to develop slowly so you need to be consistent with your workout. Train them 2 or 3 times a week otherwise you risk overtraining and straining the muscle. A good combination is a pressing exercise (like the bench press) and an overhead triceps extension (like the lying triceps extension) as they work the three different parts of the triceps. I hope that helps. Best of luck :)

Neyha : Hi JA, Pls update us about TEHRAN ,,, Also, I have learnt a lot from u as well in my life. So, I must wish u a very Happy Teacher’s Day 💐 Sending u a BIG hug 🤗

John Abraham: That's very sweet of you Neyha, sending a big hug back :))

Nisha: Hello John, could u please give advice how to reduce weight naturally. I do walking for 1 hour everyday. I was under weight before but now slowly my weight is increasing much

John Abraham: Hi Nisha. You don't say how old you are but the older we get the more our metabolism slows. Walking is good exercise but take a look at your diet. Have you slipped into bad habits like snacking between meals or late at night? Or had a lifestyle change that may have led to bigger portion sizes? If that's not the problem, try increasing your daily cardio activity with something you enjoy like playing a sport or dancing or cycling. I hope that helps. All the best :)

Ahmad Hussain: Hi John. Sir I wish you a very good congratulations to the Tehran movie.....

John Abraham: Thanks Ahmad, you're very kind :)

Nisha : Hello Sir, like Akshay Kumar, we never see u in Bollywood party or any award function. U have proved that hard work is the right way to reach the audience, and no amount of late party or award can make u success. It's always ur hard work.

John Abraham: Thanks Nisha. Take care :))