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Monmoyuri Mahanta: Hi John, Hope you are fine. I want to ask one thing, Is it good to consume GREEN COFFEE daily to lose weight?

Akhilesh Sharma: Hey John When Can We See you again in Something like Taxi no 9211 or Jhootha hi Sahi Both the Movies Prove that you are something more beyond Your Powerful Personality Your Acting abilities were well Displayed in both the movies, hope you will do some more of them soon. And even if you don't get good scripts, you have your own production company please make such movies I feel you do complete justice to such roles, All the best buddy and hope to see you soon in Such Movies.

Ayse Ciftcioglu: Thank you for writing really answer my message. I am very happy and big smile on my face. I watched the whole movie except Force. I can not watch the original language:((( I understand very slight Hindi:)) The only thing that can be said for your film New York. It was great. How to be a fan so I'd wondered. Because of you I learned. I've been fans for the first time in my life. Because of you:))) We're proud of you. I hope you take pride in yourself. Life you're always smiling. Turkey.

Aahib Sanjay Rao: John sir! Thank you for you’re advice. Since I watched you’re movie Force, and looked at you’re physique,I really admired it and I still do. Can you share with me your hard work that you put in the gym for Force, as I’m a gym addict as well like you. Than you! Have a good one.

Shubham: Sir, i dont know what to write coz what i feel about you is just cant be expressed. I always keep watching videos of fans with you and just try t[ figure out that how can i meet you once in my life. Its just like i feel a real connection with you. Ive been a fan of yours since dhoom and i just cant express how desperate i am for you. Its just that one day maybe ill be able to come your home and maybe you will give me 2 mins of your life. Luv u sir. Stay blessed.

Karan dogra : Hello sir I am the big fan of yours and love your acting and action specially in the movie rocky handsome. When rocky handsome was released I was 13 years and I love the movie. And want to watch the movie in theater can the movie re-release in theater.

Deeptendu Dutta: Hi John, I am a big fan of yours, Every day i get up and think about the way you lead your life and try to to make myself the same .Being so busy with your schedule ,you try to be a family person..You love your mom so much and you are more of mother's child and i am also the same..The most part of your life matches with me and i respect your progressive thinking..Just have a wish to meet with you shake had and hug you once my idol.

Sandeep Hampalle: Hi John Sir, Hope you are well I read your given fitness tips, really useful thank you so much for the sharing experiences, suggestions, really inspiring a lot. thank you all this legacy. god bliss you sir keep shining. From A Fan

John Abraham: Thank you, Sandeep. I'll try. :)

Nabila: Hiii John, how are you? I am your BIGGEST fan from Belgium! I love the way you are, that makes you very very special! Because of you I started going to the gym and eating healthier than I normally do. My birthday is on the 2nd of July and I hope that I will loose a lots of weight by then. ALL Thanks to youuu! I will let you know ;-)

John Abraham: Well done, Nabila. The best thing we can do for ourselves is take control of our diet and exercise. Best of luck. I'm sure you'll do well :)

Krishna: Hey ! This is bit informal, but I hope you read and like my sweet little message. I am from India, but currently living in USA. I have been your fan since my childhood and I will always be your fan. I really wish that I can meet you once in my lifetime.

Hajar Eissa: I was watching your movie Desi Boyz, after that I felt like I wanted to know more about you, than suddenly after all these years( I am a telly fan I watched all your movies when I was young) Anyway I googled you and I saw you have a website which is weird I thought all the celebrities are on social media "I'm not social media person BTW" all I wanted to tell your cool to have a website one day when I want to change my lifestyle and get out of my miserable chair, I will follow your lifestyle def

John Abraham: Get out of that chair now, Hajar. No time like the present. :)

Divya : Ah atlast! I have been struggling the past one and a half month to write to you due to network issues. And you know John, a lot happened in this time. We shifted. And today our annual day got over. Past few weeks were really hectic. But all's well that ends well, right? Like always, dream of meeting you my idol! Take care 😊 as summer is here!

John Abraham: Good to hear from you again, Divya. You take care too :))

Mr D Gogoi: Hello Mr John, How are you ? I have watched almost all your films till now and I liked all of them. Which is your next film and when is it going to be released? Best wishes for your upcoming films.

Amol Shende : Hello Sir, Hope your are doing well. It's hard to believe but I would like to tell you that I have seen "Taxi no 9211" more than "365 to 500" time. I love that movie very much. I watched "Rocky Handsome" movie. Sir, this movie also I liked very much. I also appreciate your movie such as "Paap" "Virruddh" etc. Keep it up Sir. Do your best, Don't worry Be Happy.. All the best Sir. My best wishes are with you

John Abraham: Thanks for your wishes, Amol. It's nice to have my work so appreciated. Thank you :))

Ayse Ciftcıoglu: Sir; I'm waiting for Romeo Akbar Walter . I'm wonder about your new film. Of course before Parmanu. Loves from Turkey. I hope you read this message. Good luck.

John Abraham: Hi Ayse. Thanks for your interest all the way from Turkey. Sending a big hug to you :))

Dr Monmoyuri: Hi John, you can't even imagine how happy I become with just even the thought of writing to you . It makes me feel so complete and better inside. Being a doctor, I have a very hectic schedule . But you and ur website is a Magic for me. So soothing ,relaxing n revitalising. Thanks for giving all your well wishers this opportunity to express our feelings n emotions by writing to u.

Salman khan : Hi john sir, I need your advice sir it really helps. Sir I am living in stress from last one month because I discovered by doctor zarir udwadia that I have MDR-TB I have not gone to my college since I have admitted in hospital. It is so frustrating disease sir. Sir can you please give me advice what should I do now. I used to look up to you and do pushups and lead a healthy lifestyle but after this disease I have stopped doing pushups sir.

John Abraham: I'm very sorry to hear of your illness, Salman. I'm not a doctor so I cannot really advise you on this. You need to follow your doctor's guidance. If he says it's ok for you to exercise then do so, but if he recommends rest, then please do it. There will be time to do pushups again when you're feeling stronger so please don't overtax yourself. I wish you all the very best.

mubarak khan: next movie romeo akbar walter best of luck sir

Apeksha Sharma: Hi John, I am your very very big Fan. There is only one wish of my life that is to meet you once and that too with my hubby along and if God showers his abundant blessings on me ...hope this would be possible one day...All the best of ur future projects...all the blessings and wishes with you.

John Abraham: Thank you, Apeksha. You're very sweet. Warm wishes to you and your hubby :)

Shubham: Recently watched your interview on aap ki aadalat and loved that part where rajatji asked you question about your shirtless scenes and you answered "BAHUT GARMI HAI". Just be what you are and keep inspiring us. All the best for PARMANU. luv u. Hope to meet u sometime.

Aahib Sanjay Rao: Hello! John Sir it has been almost 6 months since I’ve been going to the gym with my dad and working out with him. Right now I’m focusing on my chest and fill out on that part with age. Can you please give me a few chest exercises that I can add to my workout routine with free weights and machines. With that can you tell me a few foods that I can consume or eat to get some mass for my age as it’s my secon year in high school and I’m 16 now. Than you. Have a nice one.

John Abraham: Hi Aahib. First of all I would not recommend focussing on one body part in your workouts. Your routine should encompass the whole body, otherwise you will look disproportionate. It's fine to work a couple of body parts in one session, like the legs and thighs, but over the rest of the week you should make sure you work the other parts as well. To build muscle mass you need protein so make sure you are getting enough in your diet. At 16 you are still growing so don't worry if you're not getting too much size right now. Just be consistent and you will soon see results. I wish you all the best :)

Rajat Dev: parmanu trailer release date? I am waiting dada.

Jaan: Hello John, How r u ? Wishing u all the very best for ur upcoming movie Parmanu.

Ayse Ciftcioglu: READ ME TOO:) It's imperative to learn Hindi to watch your movies in advance. I can understand a little bit:) I did not think it would actually be a fan, and I'm a fan of you:) Lots of best wishes from TURKEY. Wish you all the best for Parmaanu,

Kesha Patel: Heyy! Again, Kesha here. Wrote to you a while ago to wish my best friend! And you did!!! I wanted to thank you a lot and also wanted to let you know that the surprise worked out amazing! She was thrilled to see your reply! Thank you so much!

John Abraham: My pleasure, Kesha. I'm glad she was happy :))

Praditi: Dear john sir wishing you all the very best for parmanu ...I so sure it’s gonna be great .thank you for choosing to do good cinema and show the world that goodness does exists.allll the bestttttt

John Abraham: Thank you, Praditi :)

Srishti: Hello Sir..!! How are you? Like everyone, I too am a big fan of yours, but the things that I admire the most about you are your principles and your attitude towards life. You are one of my biggest inspiration. Thank you for everything. Please always be the way you are. May god bless you. Take care. And always keep smiling.. :) :)

John Abraham: Smiling as I read this, Srishti :))

Shubham goel: Hi john, A big fan of yours after watching aashayein and no smoking. Big fan of yours. I wish one day the dream to meet you will become true. All the best to you and keep doing films like this. Luv u.

John Abraham: Hi Shubham. Yes, they were both very challenging roles. I'm glad you enjoyed them. That makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you :))

Shujai S: Your own style is awesome. You rock Army style :))

Sakina: Hi john, how are you? Guru g I wanna ask one thing, what should be ideal weight and waist for a girl (height 5'6

John Abraham: Hi Sakina. 'Ideal' is difficult to be specific about because each person differs in build and body type. However, medical research says that for a women health is more at risk if waist size exceeds 80 cm (31.5 inches). Any higher than that increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. So, keep your waist measurement below that and you should be fine. I hope that helps.

AAKRITI SINGH: Hey John, Here's wishing you a Happy Holi filled with sweet moments and colorful memories to cherish forever. I love you

Max: Hi john sir, i can not celebrate holi with water and colors because i had common cold but I can celebrate holi by wishing you " HAPPY HOLI " sir waiting for 'parmanu trailer'

ShambhuNath: Heyy John..This is Shambhu Nath from Kochi..A big fan of yours ! Eagerly waiting for your next venture "Parmanu".JA entertainment have that reputation that we believe in! Wishing you happiness

Kesha Patel: Hi! I’m here to request something from you!! My best friend, Ashini, is a big big big fan of yours(me too, of course:p) and her birthday is coming up on 3rd March, she’d be over the moon if you would wish her ! If you could please please please do this for me and her it would mean the world to me! Thank you! And i hope you see this and do this for us !!

John Abraham: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday on 3rd March, Ashini. I hope you have great day. Thanks for your support. It's people like you who have made me who I am in this industry. Thank you :))

Shujai S: Being an actor is a lot of hard work, few see that. There are good artists in the industry. Wonderful artwork. I love art. Also add romcoms and keep doing action movies :)

Aditya K: hello sir! its been a long time! our board exams are starting in march sir! your best wishes please!! after boards, we are starting work on our short film! and in our trailer we are going to have a text on screen saying inspired by.......U!!

John Abraham: That's awesome, Aditya. Best of luck :))

Ayse Ciftcioglu: Sometimes a movie you watch, a book you read is very good. Let the troubles you have forgotten. Both your movies and I created that effect. Thank you. Whether it's in the film, it's your soul to know how to rule the good people. I have to admit, I started learning Hindi to watch your films in your own language immediately. I hope one day my country, you come to Turkey again. Good luck in your life. I hope you always keep your smile. I hope life is both smiley.

Amoon: John you look so handsome inARMYUniform I'm so excited for #parmanutrailer❤️❤️Love you

Anirudh: Sir You look dashing in the ARMY Uniform. You always Look Dashing But in the Uniform Something is different

John Abraham: Proud to wear the uniform, Anirudh :)

Aahib Sanjay Rao: Hi! John Sir, this is Aahib here. I hope you are doing well and loving a healthy life. I heard about your new movie Paramanu and l hope it becomes a hit as it is really looking as a really strong movie. I'm really excited. Best of luck and wish you great success in you're future ahead.

John Abraham: Thanks Aahib. We've worked hard on Parmanu. I'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

Sanjna Vardhan: Hello Sir I have been an admirer of yours since the 10th standard (2004) and nothing changes that even now.... I treat you as my lucky mascot as you have always been one for me, so I have a picture of you in my office with a feeling that all will be good at work. I even got married to a Malayali Christian :D Moved to Mumbai in 2015 and was hopeful would see somewhere but all in vain. A friend from NDTV could manage to get me an autograph. Not satisfied :) will keep hoping !

John Abraham: Thanks so much for all the support, Sanjna. It means a lot :))

Mano: Hi John. How do I become a very strong person like you so that I can lift a bike like the way you did in the force movie.

TEJASHREE REDDY: Hai John, im very excited for Parmanu promotions and looking forward to watch it....i wish u get a National Award for this movie.....im loving ur new hairstyle too....wish u all the best and many more good movies in ur kitty.... :)

John Abraham: Thank you Tejashree, I'm working on it :)

Shujai S: Nice ecko pic - Stoic :-|

John Abraham: Thanks Shujai :))

Saptarshi Sinha: Hi John Sir! Hope you are in good health and spirits! My birthday is on February 20 and today I turned 20! Last year you wished me on my 19th birthday and it turned out to be one of the most landmark years of my life. So,once again I would be extremely happy to count you in my blessings and would forever be indebted to you if you kindly wish me on my birthday, Sir. :) ^^ And wishing you in advance a very happy, prosperous, muscular and blessed 46th birthday! 301 days to go! Rock Tha Party!! :)

John Abraham: Hi Saptarshi. So sorry I missed this. Happy Belated Birthday to you. I hope you had a great day. All the best :))

Max: HELLO JOHN sir, reply from the previous message . it was hard to change habit of smoking .how do you do that?? , please give me some suggestion I will tell to my friend ,my friends are addicted to it . because of them my health is also in danger.

John Abraham: Hi Max. In my case giving it up was a necessity because my very next role was playing a footballer in Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal. I wouldn't have been able to portray an athlete running around all day with smoker's lungs. I would not have had the breath. So I had a positive goal to aim for. Tell your friends to try putting all their smoking money in a jar. It's a good way to see the financial benefit. I'm sure there are plenty of other tips online. I wish you the best of luck.

Aakriti Singh: Hello Sir, I'm curious to know that why did you choose Bollywood as your career ?? You could be playing football for India to being one of the top scorer in MBA to modelling. What was your mind set during your young age about the career??

John Abraham: Hi Aakriti. I'd never thought about acting at a young age. I was too focussed on sports, and then my studies. But after I became a successful model I was approached by a producer to be in a film and things just went from there. :)

Nikita: Hi John, I was wondering, what is your favorite sports team?

sahil mehta: Hi JA I am Sahil. I have tried various workout routines but none of them have given me a desired outcome. The way my body works is I tend to gain shape and muscle in quite a less time. But, it vanishes quickly. All I want to ask is what is the basic routine to maintain a healthy strong looking body. I am 5’9” and weight 80kg.

John Abraham: Hi Sahil. I can't really give you one routine without knowing much more detail because each person's metabolism and body type is different. But ANY muscle mass will vanish quite quickly if it isn't maintained. You need to be consistent in your workout and make sure your diet is good. Muscle needs protein so check you are getting enough. I hope that helps.

Mano: Hi John. How do I become a very strong person like you so that I can lift a bike like the way you did in the force movie.