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Genesis christian: Hi John, Saw the video of your house.. lovely.. beautiful.. No words.. perfection of architecture... simple yet elegant. Lots of love...

shah faraz: hey john please come back with biker movie eagarly waiting to see you as a biker

John Abraham: I hope to one day, Shah. It would be a dream project :)

Amalka: Good evening, Dear John! You are my favourite actor! I wish you all the best wishes to you and your dear family! I am 51 years old, I am working and there is no free time to go to the gym, can you say please, how to lose fast 2-3 kilos? Can you give please some tips about express weight loss? Your opinion is very important to me. P.S. Big hugs to your dear baby Bailey. Bailey is so sweet and beautiful. With big love, Amalka.

John Abraham: Hi Amalka. I can't give tips on express weight loss because I think it's very bad for the body. Fat that is crashed off too quickly usually comes back quickly and can also result in loose skin when the elasticity is lost. If you have no time to get to the gym then take a look at your diet. A good physique is 60% food, 40% exercise. Some trainers even say 70-30%. Cut back on oil, fats, alcohol, sugar and processed foods. And try not to eat late in the evening. Hope that helps. Best of luck :)

Shivaa Naresh: John I so much Inspired by You .... #IAMBIKER

Lene: Hi John I recently watched Rocky Handsome I loved the fighting scenes extremely well choreographed and executed very believable did you study martial arts in real life?

John Abraham: Yes, Lene, I did. I went to a training camp in Thailand for a month to prepare. It was gruelling but worth it I think. But I'd already studied Tae kwando as a youngster so I did have some prior knowledge :)

Divya : John, whenever I see a huge bike, I remember you. John, please do a love story. I would love to see you in one. Its a misconception that only action movies suit you. You are terrific in love stories too.

Sameen : Hello ji this is sameen I just have one question are you Muslim?? Generally asking but if you don't want to answer my question it's totally ok

John Abraham: Hi Sameen, I don't mind answering :) No I'm not.

Charles Fredericks: I think you should focus on producing movies you will do great like Clint Eastwood

John Abraham: Thanks, Charles :)

Mayank Choudhary: hllo,john any plans of visiting banglore ????if any plans plz let us know we all want to meet u ..

Divya : Yippee 😤 I'm soooooo...happy - Madras cafe is coming on UTV Action. John Abraham is MAGICAL!

Nasim: Hi John, I beg you thoroughly know about NOWRUZ celebration. Wishing every day of the new year glow with good cheer

Ian: Hi Jon, Just saw the movie Force 2 , your looking great, am settled in toronto but am from bandra and used to see you pass by my house on your bikes. I had a few too, CBR600F, ZX12, and My favourite a Honda CB 750K, Man i miss those carefree days when i would ride at night on the western express way and just feel the wind in my hair .Just wanted to say Keep up the good work, and your an idol to many.If you ever come to toronto give me a shout . Safe riding and God Bless. Ian

John Abraham: Thanks Ian. You ride safe too. Yes, no more wind in the hair these days. Helmets are a must. All the best :)

Ishan jain: John Sir, I am your follower in regard to the way of life you choose to live. You truly are an inspiration..These days I am feeling little negative about myself like whether I have that will power to hang in there and wait for the results to show up..I want some advise from you regarding how to keep motivating myself to do the right job.. I am a student from Delhi and will certainly wait for you reply. P.S. Is Yoga good before going for the workout or later..?

John Abraham: Hi Ishan. Yoga is great for the body. I found it very effective when training for Rocky Handsome. As for motivation, different things work for different people. I've been told I'm like a horse with blinkers. I set a goal for myself and then work determinedly towards it. Don't get discouraged by apparently slow progress. A good body won't happen overnight. But remember that it doesn't all happen in the gym. You need to attend to your diet too, and make sure you're getting enough sleep. Feeling low and negative can sometimes be just simple fatigue. I hope that helps. All the best :)

HERMAN AL AYUBI: Respected Sir; A very pleasant Good Evening to you and your family; I am very much passionate about you and your physique. I want to thank you for your quotation " For Life Is Only Life When Blessed With Health - Fitness " I want to learn from you. If you give me an opportunity to meet you, I will be highly obliged and thankful to you for your kind co-operation towards me for the needful. Your's .....

Urooj : Hey John I loved watching Force 2 what a killer performance by you ❤️ Your expressions throughout were brilliant ❤️ The action scenes were top notch..I've seen it like 20 times..You never fail to amaze me in anyway..,You truly are an inspiration...You are like a diamond, so precious like gold, you're crystal clear, Shiny and bright, Epitome of Perfection with a Dazzling Personality...I love you soooo much ❤️❤️ It would be dream a come true if I could meet you for real ..I'm from London

Shaktikant Mahadoo: Hello John . My dream is to be an actor and I believe in turning my dreams into reality .I wanted to be an English teacher and I succeeded now I want to be an actor and though I am only 1m65cm I do not see it as a problem but I turn my weakness into my strength . You are and will ALWAYS be my favourite actor . The BEST action movie is "Rocky Handsome". I want to be the first Mauritian Superstar. Your biggest Fan -Shakti

John Abraham: Best of luck, Shakti. I wish you every success :)

Larissa Pereirs: Hi John. I am 20 years old and I am a great fan of yours. I have watched all your movies and really appreciate all your performances. You really put in lot of efforts in all that you do and that shows in everything that you have done or come across as an actor. You are an inspiration to everyone. Hope I get a chance to meet you someday. LOTS OF LOVE !!

Divya : Hi John, thank you so much for your wishes. You'll be glad to know that I did extremely well in the exams 😊

John Abraham: That's great, Divya. I knew you would :)

Manoj Kumar Das: Thank you John Bhai for your response to my earlier (3 days before) mail. You are really very nice person. But one thing also I must say that you are best matched in action sequences. Sir tell if there will be 'Race-3' giving you the negative role of Arman Malik.

John Abraham: Hi Manoj. Race 2 was fun to do but I'm not aware of anything happening with Race 3. But maybe one day. Take care :)

Genesis Christian: Hi John, Hope you doing well. if you can visit Ahmedabad. Lovely place.. I am your big fan. you inspire me in many way.. your kindness your good heart.. you positive. your physique.. and yaaa your smile and that dimple... In love with you... Huge Fan. Lots of love

sagar lavania: Hi John. I am a 40 yrs old doctor from Agra. I am a great fan of yours and watch your evry movie. I find myself in you except you are vegetarian (I heard). I go to gym regularly and I M a bike enthusiast. My last bike was pulsar and then bullet 500. I am planing to buy a superbike. I have planned for Hyabusa latest versin. Can you advice me abou

John Abraham: Hi Sagar, I think part of your message is missing but you sound like you know what you're doing with regard to bikes. Enjoy the Hayabusa. Ride safe and far. I wish you all the best :)

Leila: With big respect and with big love, Good Evening Dear John! I fell in love with the collection Ecko UnItd. It is so beautiful, casual and practical. I wanted to order some t-shirts and sweatshirts, but unfortunately there no international shipping... Can you say please, will be in the future international delivery to other countries? Worldwide? And will be there a women's collection? All the best wishes... Love You. I hope you will answer... :)

John Abraham: Hi Leila, I'm glad you like the clothes :) As a brand Ecko is already available through different outlets worldwide. But the availability of styles may differ from country to country. A women's collection also exists and is called Ecko Red I think. I hope that helps :)

Hind Belail: You're lovely upbringing shows on even the taste of the films you choose to do and even when you act in the fight scenes it's just always so slick,smooth and professional, you are a very well mannered person you are brilliant. 😉😊☺️

Manoj Kumar Das: Hello John Bhai / John Sir, I don't know what to call, but I would like to say that after the Force, 2011 movie ...all your action films are all awesome. I just loved those. Most Importantly, your physique is really super duper ( not having perfect word to explain) bhai. Lastly, I want to say that we want you back as ACP Yashvardhan in Force-3.

John Abraham: Thanks Manoj, that means a lot :) Force 3 will happen hopefully, but I am getting lean for another role right now so I'll need time to build myself up again for ACP Yash :)

Munisha: Hey Abraham, first of all I love your surname and do you have any plans to visit Australia in Canberra??? (Pls do reply if you have any plans or not)

John Abraham: Hi Munisha. I was just in Australia last month, Sydney and Melbourne. I'd love to see more of the country in the future. :)

Sakina: Hi.. John, hope you are doing great. ☺I was watching desi boys today and I really enjoyed. I want that you again bring an entertaining , lovely and nice movie with interesting and enjoyable songs. All the best👍 May Allah bless you always🌹

John Abraham: Thank you Sakina. Desi Boyz was a lot of fun. Akshay is always great to work with :)

Kiran: HI John, Hope you are well and are cruising in your quest to great movies and even greater aspirations in the fitness world. A few months ago when I wrote to you asking about your new clothes line up you mentioned about your brand Ecko Unltd which will soon be available in various parts of the world. I live in the UK and was keen to find out if this was still on track and when can I expect to see the great line up. Thanks and Regards, Kiran

John Abraham: Hi Kiran, I'm told that Ecko clothing is available via Amazon in the UK. Not sure if the range will be the same but I hope that helps :)

Akeela : Hi John This is my very first time that i am writing to a celebrity. You are really a very handsome man and your wife is a very lucky woman to have you not just for your looks but you also seem to be a very nice human being too. I have only one wish in life that i hope one day i meet you in real and ask you for a tight hug. I have watched most of your movies except the love scenes (don't laugh) I feel so jealous haha sorry but can;t help it so i fast forward them. lol - lots of love xx

John Abraham: Thank you Akeela :)

Hind Belail: You bring out the best in me and probably everybody, you are an inspiration for me in all good and healthy things in life you are fascinating.😉😊☺️

Miroslaw: Hi John Is there any chance that one day you will visit London??? your polish fan :)

John Abraham: Hi Miroslaw, I've visited London many times and shot there too. Beautiful city :)

Hind Belail: You are simply the best in everything. Want you you to always truely be happy I truly pray for you and may all what you wish for comes true you deserve the best and you deserve the best you are a lovely person inside out. 😊😊☺️

John Abraham: Thank you Hind, you're very sweet :)

Karen Absolom: Hi john you are such a busy person how do you find the time to do so many things but as a fan I do love the fact that you find time to reply to your fans thank you 👏👏👏

Divya : Hi John, my ECCE diploma final exams are on 11th and 14th. Please pray for me that I excel in my exams. Thank you 😊

John Abraham: Best of luck, Divya, but I'm sure you'll be fine :)

Charles Fredericks: Hi John bhai how are you? Hope you are fine. You seem to be very sensitive to others please forgive us If we have not been sensitive to you.

NOBLEMARIA: when do you come malayalam filim indusry.? we are excepting you in industries .. thank you...

Shraddha choudhary: john. i really really loves u alot i think I'm falling in love with u,in my mind sirf aap hi 24 hour chalte rehte ho. Mai bohot kuch kehna chahti hu aapse.Mai pata nhi kyu aapko dekhkar hamesha roti hu.. koshish karti hu ki naa rou bt i can't stop my tears when i see u... when you injured i feel really emotional. mai kabhi kisi b Actor's ko dekhkar itna heartly feel nhi karti jitna ki apko like karti hu.. yes u r special for me.

Abhishek : Hey john Abhishek here, big fan of yours watched every movies several times..my question is how did you come out of the acne problem? and especially scars i too workout , do you get acne even now?

John Abraham: Hi Abhishek. You don't say how old you are but acne tends to settle down by late teens or even early 20s but some people do suffer for much longer. Staying clear of oily food and sweets can help. But a good diet with plenty of vegetables and fruit is good for the whole body. Keep your face clean and your hands too. Don't touch your face with unwashed fingers and never pick at your pimples. That's when scarring can happen. I really sympathise with you because I know what it's like to suffer this. If the acne or scarring is really bad, a good dermatologist might be able to help. I wish you all the very best.

Ruby Fernandes : Hi john, I'm ruby from Goa (India). My hubby is ur secret admirer, he is totally crazy abt ur ever film . My only wish before I die is to fulfil my hubbys wish of meeting u in person . Pls if u ever come to Goa , pls giv me this opportunity to make my hubby happy n his dream come true. We also into hospitality business , can assure u great vacation in Goa . Hoping to see u someday n fulfil my hubbys dream .

John Abraham: That's very sweet of you, Ruby. I was in Goa a lot when shooting for Rocky Handsome two years ago but I'm not certain when I'll be coming again. But please say hi to your hubby for me. Sending him a big hug :)

Katalin: As a Hungarian it was good to see the film Force 2. I loved the movie, it was great that the actors spoke in Hungarian! "Hol van?"Small accent, but it was amazing! :) Szentendre is beautiful, I hope you enjoyed filming there, it's one of my favourite towns. Heroes' Square subway station is small, there is an interesting way the story resolved. :) I hope the film will be success in India! And then maybe you come back to Hungary about a following work. I love the movie. You were the best!

Raftie Saima: Hi John. Heard some news about your upcoming movie Chor nikal ke bhaga. Really cant wait to know more about it!! Anyway I wanted to ask you do you read all your mentions on twitter? Because I always tweet to you

Tejashree Reddy: Hai John, Happie Women's Day to all the beautiful women in your family......i love the way you respect women and encourage them to be strong and independent ....u are the Real Man....love you John...... :)

John Abraham: Thank you for that, Tejashree. Yes I'm fortunate to be surrounded by some amazing inspirational women.

Dipiya Dilawari: Hi John. I was feeling depressed today. But then I decided to watch your interview again. I love your simple outlook towards life. Thank You John!

Assel: Big love from KAZAKHSTAN,in my city-Almaty,we have only one channel “Indian Cinema” and yesterday there was Madras Cafe! I was so happy to watch you on TV screen:) I was watching all your movies many many times!Can you say please, by what criterion’s do you choose the role?What is important to you in the script and what can interest you in the scenario?Wish you all the best with upcoming movies!(How is your knee and leg?Wish you strong health and to get well, take care) i Love You Very Much :)

John Abraham: Hi Assel. I've said many times that the script is key. If I read a comedy script that makes me laugh out loud then I know it will make the audience laugh too. I love action and comedy but I also like to look for scripts that are a little off beat and interesting. I like to take risks with my roles. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. But I rarely regret doing any role. It's a continuous learning process which I think an actor needs in order to improve :)

Muhamadnoorzaei: Hi sir how is your day doing great i think you are busy with work and gym hard time great success hope you are enjoy in india i am reallying trying to finish my bachelor and study my master in india we are having a though day my brother phone got stolen today second time it got stolen what a world love you and take care my brother bilal says take care and very be a hardworking person to be successfull love you from me and bilal

Shraddha Choudhary: John do u like PaniPuri... ? mai hamesha sochti hu ki aap kafi strict honge diet me... bt kya apne kabhi yu hi Panipuri test ki h kya..

Elena Anasovskaya: Hello John. It was interesting to see your house. Beautiful design. Strictly and harmoniously. Air and line.

John Abraham: Thank you Elena. Yes I love my home. I think it's beautiful :)

Lene: Hi John I watched your movie Rocky Handsome for first time, I loved it your are a great Actor very Sexy and Handsome, I have become a fan and will continue to watch your Movies and tell everyone I know xxx

sidharth: lots of wish sir . my main wish is to meet u in person sir but i knw its not possible as u live in mumbai i live in bhubaneswar orissa. but still sir if ever by any chance u come here do meet me sir even a handshake would be fine sir . keep smiling sir hope u r knee injury is all right .nation loves u sir

sidharth : hey john sir. i am just aboy of 22 years and i have been a die hard fan of you and your fitness . i have been working out forr 2 years but i dont have a great body as i dont take streoids which my friends take and they are very well built and i get immensely dissapointed and loose hope . secondly i have very weak legs i workout a lot nothing works my knees are too weak to take weights but my arms are strong and i easily take 80 kgs bench press. help me sir i knw you are a busy still try sir ty

John Abraham: Hi Sidharth. I'm glad you've stayed away from steroids, they're not good. Don't be disheartened about your legs. Legs take a lot of work, especially the calves. You need to make sure you're taking in enough protein for your muscles to grow. If you do a lot of cardio, ease up on it because it makes the muscles leaner. And beware of overtraining. Do alternate days so your legs can recover but when you do work them, work them hard. But please make sure you're working out with proper supervision in the gym. That will stop you injuring yourself. I hope that helps.

Kamlesh Dusane: Hi john you are great.I am your big fan.