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Kevin Tom Martin: What is your workout and diet?

Arjit Taneja: Hi John sir thanks for ur reply and all the best for ur upcoming events or movies and a good job of Rocky handsome and force 2 have a good life

Nandalal: Hi John sir I am huge fan of yours.You are my inspiration in my life.Please stay safe while doing stunts.I always pray for your success since my 10th standard ..then you started your career.Please stay safe I have heard on one show that you where hurt bad while shooting Force 2.Its for the first time I am messaging You.,,Please Reply..

muhamadnoorzaei: hi sir we went excited about your new movie that is releasing we are happy and we everytime want u to be the best and be behind you you are a talented actor and i hope when ever i finish my bachelor i can meet you bcz my dad studied in india unversity of rookree its my dream that i can have a photo with you sir take care of your yourself and your family we wish you the best

Hansara: Hi John. Im in such a stressful phase due to my brother getting married and its preparations. I am bit worried as to how will I cope with such a huge amount of guests at such a big wedding venue as I suffer from anxiety and get tensed. How to not get tensed and be more relaxed in such situations? If you can advise me on this I would appreciate it.

HUSAIN ALIWARDHAWALA: hi sir i am very big of your acting i am from nagpur city my name is husain ali you are my favorite actor

Abhishek: Hieee john....really big fan of your hardwork.....sir plz help me out .....am satisfied with my upper body....but my thighs are thin.....i want to get some fat there...without actually getting fat....plzz tell me how to get big thigh muscle..?

Samarth: Thank you so much John I am your big big fan and just to let you know I am from Perth Australia

Divya : All the very best John for Savitri Damodar Paranjpe! Delighted to see your dashing pics of the mahurat. Looking fab as usual!

Ashley Dias : Hello john this is Ashley. Hope that you are fine all the very best for your upcoming movies let those give a good message to the society and may smash at the box office

Genesis Christian: Hi John, Best of luck for your Marathi Movie. Biggggg Fannn

Shujai S: Your next projects are reality based. You've been doing stunts from a long time, injuring elbows and knees before also. I think it's a rare case in the industry any actor doing own stunt. Must take safety measurements too without straining. Your upcoming work sounds interesting.

John Abraham: Thanks Shujai. But I'm not the only one. Many actors try to do as much real action as they can because the audience now is very sophisticated and can spot a stunt double far more easily. But I am obsessive about safety. I always double check my own gear and everyone else's :)

Rania Mallik: Hey neighbor! live next to you in "Santa Monica"! Hope to see you around sometime. Thanks cause you inspire me to wake up early in the morning, work out, go to university and maintain a healthy diet. You taught me that if one person can do it, anyone can do it! Thanks and good luck for your future! :)

Umeda Majidova: Hello John !!! The latest news about the new film made us happy . Waiting for the movie release eagerly. Good luck on the filming. I'm sure the movie will be great . Because all your movies are great . But just take care of your health.You have proven to the world that you are beautiful and very talented actor.

John Abraham: Thanks Umeda. You're very sweet :)

Tejashree Reddy: Love your eyes John...they are the most expressive features in you....i always love ur movies and acting....and im very excited for your new ventures....all the best..love u loads :)

Abhinav: Hi John Sir..........Thanks for waving back to us last week and making our DAY-FRIDAY-GOOD FRIDAY !!

John Abraham: My pleasure, Abhinav :)

Samarth: Hi Sir i just wanted to know that what's your favorite car and bike because I am such a big fan of cars and bikes?

John Abraham: That's a difficult one to answer, Samarth, because there are a lot of awesome machines out there that I'd love to own some day. But for now I love my Nissan GT-R. She's a beauty. Very special. And my Yamaha VMax too. It's a beast! :)

Hind Belail: Just want wish you a very happy easter want to thank you for all the inspiration and fantastic energy you give me personally. Praying for you always may all what you wish for comes true. You are a lovely person inside out you have respect in even the way you talk you are a miracle in the perfect way. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈ

Arjit Taneja: Hi John am the biggest fan of urs thus am only Of 13 but am a biggest fan I have watched All ur movies but Madras cafe and Rocky handsome is the best hope u will make awesome films in the future and to ur team all the best Thanks a lot

John Abraham: Hi Arjit. Thanks so much to you too for your support :)

manoj pandey: Hello sir..... Good luck for your upcoming project/film based on Pokharan Nuclear Test. You are different from the rest of the pack and are a true gentleman. Sir what is the driving force of your life.

Divya : Hi John, a very happy Easter 🐰 to you and family πŸ‘ͺ with lots of love, Ashley and Divya

John Abraham: I'm late replying but thank you, Divya :)

Tavvy: Dear John, May this find you well. I had to come here to register my good wishes to you, and to express my support to you and you work. Being of African heritage I'm new to Hindi cinema, but I've watched a few subtitled films and I like you very, very much indeed! It seems you've starred in many bits, and I highly commend your performance in all 3 that I've watched thus far (Aetbaar, Dhoom, Baabul). I think you hold your own most skillfully and most admirably. Don't be troubled by critics ;)

Vanessa rodrigues: Hi john how are you?.. maybe you can help me, I am an education as a dental professional so i have not really a lot of time,.., I've been quit smoking for five years, and then i gain a little weight.. all people say to me that I'm not fat but I do not feel comfortable. For half a year I started with zumba three times in the week, an hour and eat healthy and.i do not eat chocolate. noticed a difference but am still not satisfied. What am i doing wrong? I drink a lot of water and eat fruit..

John Abraham: Hi Vanessa. If you've noticed a difference then you're not doing anything wrong. Weight loss is healthier when done slowly. But if you have reached a plateau then maybe take another look at your portion sizes. Or the times of day you're eating. It's not good to eat too late at night for example. I hope that helps :)

Viraj Naik: hi john sir, m the huge fan of u sir.i love the movie force. i watch tht movie on every sunday.m great fan of ur style,personality n attitude. i jst wanna see at least one time in my life. love u sir, gbu,best luck fr ur next movies sir..

John Abraham: Thank you Viraj :)

Raj mehta: Hello sir , am big fan of urs ....i would like you to mention a healthy diet plan...means what to take or what not to take in order to remove belly fat and build up your shoulders and chest at d same time....

John Abraham: Hi Raj. You need to cut down on sugar, fats and oil and up your protein intake. Cardio sessions like walking, running or cycling will help burn off stomach fat but to build up your chest and shoulders you need to train with weights. Muscles only grow if they're forced to by working hard. I wish you all the best.

Shujai S: Congratulations for your new office, John. Wishing you a brilliant performance :)

Vanessa Sofia Rodrigues: Hi John hope you are fine ;-) im a huge fan ;-) I love your films like I said before I'm happy because here in Germany on the 18th is going to come on tv the movie welcome back, canΒ΄t wait to see the movie. When are you coming to Germany ? :P Would love to meet you. I love you personality, your body , your work just everything .) When are going to go live on Instagram ? wish you all the best. By Much love from Germany and from my Portuguese Heart ;P love you. by Vanessa

mubakhan: hi sir im your new fan i like your all movies awesome i loved your smile....

Sakina: Hi John , Hope you will be fine and handsome as always 😊 I want to see you as professor on screen.. I am sure you will rock with your new avatar with tight and strong personality 😍 Please pray for my studies.. I'm too much tensed.. 😷 Be blessed and strong always πŸ‘

John Abraham: I wish you lots of luck, Sakina. Try not to get tense. All the best :)

Aditya Bhole: Wanna See you playing bond in hollywood

John Abraham: Thanks, Aditya. That would be a real honour for me :)

Genesis Christian: Hi John, How are you? No need to say m a big fan(i am your Huge fan). You inspire me to be and eat fit.. Saw bailey beautiful she is...hope tarzan is doing well... #J.A - 17 Fan Love you..

John Abraham: I'm happy to say that Tarzan completely recovered. He was taken to the vet immediately on that day and was under medical supervision. When the vet said he was good to fly, we released him. :)

Hind Belail: Want to say that you are such a well bought up person you are such a pure person, you're respect in everything you do is something that you have to proud of yourself for. Just wanted to ask if you could tell me where to buy ecko clothing from or if I could order could I receive it in Cairo,Egypt I would be very thankful to you. I wrote to you are so respectful deserve the best and you are the best always praying for you. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈ

John Abraham: Hi Hind. Ecko is a worldwide franchise so you try your local Amazon. I don't think Ecko India ship outside the country. Hope that helps.

Karen Absolom: Greetings john binge watch all your movies and I must say you and Akshay Kumar doing movies together you two rock should do more movies together I am just saying. In love with Forces movies watching over and over love it

T Abraham: Hi John Uncle, Saw the video of you chauffeuring Bailey. It was so cute!!! I love dogs and have been trying to convince my parents to get one! But we are always busy which is why we have 2 great cats since they are more independent and I am also a cat lover! - T Abraham

Parth: Hello John Sir , I am a huge fan of yours . Many congratulations for the new office . Came across the post where you sheltered a injured bird its so inspiring all the work you do , Sir i would just like you to tell us more about your lifestyle and your workouts . That would help so many ppl in this country including me Thank You so much... God Bless You

John Abraham: Thanks so much for you support, Parth. It's people like you who have made me who I am in this industry:)

Divya : Hi John, hope Tarzan is getting better. Many years ago, a baby sparrow fell down from the nest in our garden. It was attacked on its neck. We got it in, made her comfortable, fed her with a dipper. After 12 hours it expired. We were heart broken. We had kept it's name Chunmun. The grave is still there in New Delhi.

John Abraham: That's very sad, Divya. But you tried to save her, so at least her last moments were comfortable. That's what counts.

Asha kumari: Hi John Sir, I am big fan of you and I really want to meet with you.I am crazy about you and watched all your movies.If you could please reply me or give me your autograph that will be best thing of my life.Lots of love

John Abraham: Lots of love to you too, Asha. Sending a big hug :)

muhamadnoorzaei: hi are you doin great hope things are going well i wanted to know what is the next movie of yours and by the way my cousin soheila missed you and gives you a great hug take care love you and your family we always are with u

John Abraham: Thank you. There are several projects in hand but I can't say which will release next as I haven't started shooting for any of them yet :) Sorry I can't give you a definite answer. Sending you and Soheila a big hug too :)

SURAJIT SAHA: I thank you Sir for your reply,Hope you and your family are fine

Chirag Jain: Your movie Rocky Handsome is an awesome movie. You look like CHEETAH when you board on the car

John Abraham: A cheetah? Wow, thanks Chirag. :)

Shujai S: Hello John. I hope you're fine and fantastic. Jesus.......badly wounded bird, now protected - Where did you find it?

Kriti Agrawal: I am glad to know about you. After watching the movie "Force2" I felt like dumb and thought , " why i haven't seen your other movies?" From that day, I started watching your movies . Now I've watched all your movies.. Thank you for your movies. I got to learn a lot from you. I like you a lot.

John Abraham: Thank you Kriti, that's very sweet of you. I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

Isha : John can i please dive into ur cute dimple??? I just luv ur smile and i luv u so so so much.

Anuj sharma: Manny congratulations sr fr ur new Office,, May god bless yu with mny more milestones..

John Abraham: Thank you, Anuj :)

Vivek goyal: Hello john sir , I'm vivek goyal. I'm from haryana. I'm studying in 12th standard. I'm a very very very big fan of yours. I likes you , your physique

John Abraham: Thank you, Vivek. Best of luck with your studies :)

Shashank Kasare: Hello John, How are you doing? Needless to say, I am great fan of your acting and and I am more impressed by the way you thing and treat other, I have been seeing and your replies your other fans. You are indeed a great human being and I am also hardcore animal lover like you. I would like to tell you,I am a wildlife photographer and run a Wildlife tourism company, this is a request to you to come with us someday to the best wildlife viewing destinations across India and Africa. Thanks

Sakina: Hi John, how are you? I wanna tell you something awkward. I don't know why but i'm getting confuse in choosing the best option for my career e.g web designing ,mphil or css. I'm feeling down like a looser.I used to be a strong and determined girl.

John Abraham: Hi Sakina. I'm so sorry you're feeling down but that doesn't make you a loser. Choosing your future career is a big decision and we all have moments when we doubt ourselves. I hope you feel better soon. Please take care.

HASSAN: john i am the biggest fan of you i really wish that in this life i once meet you this is my wish of life

Rajatu Ghatak: Hi John, I am from Siliguri, West Bengal. I am a huge fan of yours. I watch all the fitness videos of yours. It motivates me to do regular workout. It is very important to do regular workout and to have a proper diet plan. I have watched almost all the movies. Rocky Handsome was amazing. I have a funnest dream if I share, you may laugh. My dream is to do workout in your house GYM which is at B.J road, Bandstand.

Vijaya Alve: Hi john how are you? How was your leg injury.. And say hello to your family... bye take care love you...

John Abraham: Hi Vijaya. The knee is still painful when I workout but it's getting better. It's the price you pay when you do your own action :)