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Loknath Kumar Behera : Hi I have seen most of your films and they are fabulous. I like your honesty dedication and the most valuable thing which God has given you a beautiful "Smile". You are a very kind hearted person and my wish you all the best in future. You have been a motivation to this genre and wish you all the success. Loknath

Arpit Parashar: Sir, am a greatest fan of urs ever because very few people know that ur first movie was 'Iss pyar ko mai kya naam du' u were always been my inspiration whenever u get success i became so glad for u that u achieved it u r the best and unique there is no substitute for u in the entire industry. you have changed the definition of best fitness in the industry. Some day ill definitely come 2 meet know without troubling u like a crazy fan bt like a sincere follower. My wish is to read ur Autobiography

Raftie Pankti: And yes i just forgot to say one thing, JUST LOVED YOUR NEW LOOK. Handsome and Charming Always.

Raftie Pankti: Love John, How you doing dear? Hope you are great and doing WELL. Saw the poster of PARMANU and it is very intriguing. Cant wait to see it. Always love to see you in such kind of movies. Also saw the beautiful and the sweet video of yours and baileys' puppy. You both were sooooo cute. Sending all the love and a big hug to you. :*)

Yasmeenfarhan : Thank you jhon. Best of luck for your upcoming film.your parmanu poster looks amazing. You are so busy but suden reply me soooo sweet of you. Your and me smiling faces šŸ˜€šŸ˜ƒ

Salman khan: Hi john sir I am your big fan of your and I think that you are an introvert personality. John sir may be I wrong but if you are an introvert person then sir please tell me how do you manage your self in front of so many people and media. I mean that how do you act in front of so many people. It is very tough job for an introvert guy.

Divya : Oops! I'm sorry for I forgot to congratulate you for the dashing poster of Parmanu. I love it! It's beautiful!

John Abraham: Thank you Divya :)

Divya : Last night I saw Force again - even though it started at 11 pm on Movies ok. Yes, I sleep early as I have to get up early at 5:30 am and get ready for school. But I love this movie so, so, so much!!!

Keerthi: Hello sir this is Keerthi iam a doctor by profession ,iam a big fan of yours since my 10std. Wen I have first seen u in chupke chupke song. Since then iam watching all of ur movies. I wish u all the best for ur future sir.hope to see you in much more good movies

John Abraham: Thanks Keerthi. I hope I can continue to bring good content to the screen. All the best :)

Sakina: Hi john, hope you will be fine.one question is clicking in my mind again and again I just wanna know about your favourite hindi song by arijit singh. And please one line for my sister Tayabba. She always says to me " John abraham is really a good human" I have heard this many times by her. Lots of love from Pakistan.. šŸŽ

John Abraham: Hi Tayabba. Sending a big hug to you :))

Prathamesh : You've been an inspiration to me John. Your humility is the reason why people love you a lot. I've learnt a lot from you as a human being and as an inspiration for fitness.

John Abraham: Thank you Prathamesh. Keep fit for life, right :)

Salman khan: Dear john sir a very big thankyou for replying to me. Your answer means lot to me. I am nothing in front of you. Thanks once again my role model Inshallah you will see more and more success in coming years and live a very long life with a very fit body.

rajput: hy sir

KEYUR DAVE: Hello Sir, Once again very excited for your new film 'Parmanu' I am sure this one will be pretty impressive as like 'Madras Cafe' and wish you all the very best for it's release. Moreover I am going to next journey of my life and will not able to see 'Parmanu' in cinema halls and connect with you and your blogs. So please Take care HERO and our inspiration. Waiting for DVD release of 'Parmanu' :)

John Abraham: Hi Keyur. Wish you all the best for your future. Thanks for your support :)

Shaktikant Mahadoo: Hello John I wish you all the 'very best' for your upcoming films . You are my favourite actor .I love acting and I know one day I will definitely become an actor . I like all your films .I loved "No Smoking" ,"Rocky Handsome" ,"Paap" , "Saaya","Virudh","Force 2". My 2 favourite thrillers are "Rocky Handsome" and "Daag the fire" You are the best and will always be the best.

John Abraham: Good luck, Shaktikant. All the best to you :)

Rajat Dev : When I was 12 years old, I was seeing Dhoom film of yours I want to see once again your long hair and a film ..... love u john dada

John Abraham: Hi Rajat. I'd be happy to grow my hair again if the role demanded it. I just need the right script :)

Rajat Dev: john dada your next film Mumbai Saga ? Who is there at this film?

saugata Bhattacharya: I wish to you Sir Your Film Paramanu will be the best film of the year

John Abraham: That's very sweet. Thank you, Saugata :)

Murali Katta : Hi John Sir ,my name is Murli and big fan of yours ,even my all friends and relatives calls me John i want to see u ones Sir put up in dahisar mumbai , can i know shooting place before one day please

ATLURI VENU : Hai john sir how are you your are awesome guy you are the most handsome person i have ever seen my request you do more and more help and service to poor , that will elevate you as a best human being.

John Abraham: Thank you, Atluri. I will try to do more.

Kevin David: Hi sir, I am a 22 year old boy with a skinny body. I want to know how i can gain about 5 pounds of muscle in the next year . I weigh 70kgs and 5.11ft now. Can you give any tips on diet and exercises? I also have acne scars, my pimples are gone. i want to know how you got rid of your acne marks and have clear skin? Please can you reveal what treatments you did for your acne scars and how long was the recovery time ? I am aspiring to become a model and i badly want a lean fit body and clear skin.

John Abraham: Hi Kevin. Some acne scars do fade naturally over time. For the more stubborn ones you may have to consult a dermatologist for a course of treatment. In the meantime, keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and keep your face clean and moisturised. That should help. Cutting down on oil, fat and sugar in your diet helps too. As for adding muscle - you really need to join a reputable gym who will be able to work out a regime for you. To build muscle you need to eat more protein and be consistent with your workout. Consistency is key. But if you want to be a fashion model you must take care not to get too bulky because you will just look huge in photos. A lean athletic build is what you should aim for. I hope that helps. All the best to you :)


Divya : Saw your pics of the airport in which you are leaving for New Delhi. You're looking weak. Cheeks have gone in. Take care šŸ˜Š Don't over exert.

John Abraham: Thank you for your concern, Divya. Always so sweet :)

Divya : You are an angel šŸ˜‡

Gaurav chhari: Hey sir am Gaurav from Gwalior I want to meet you. I want some tips for body transformation I m a big fan of your body. I m glad to meet you if u want sir

Divya : Hi John, thinking of you...as always šŸ˜Š

Yasmeenfarhn: Hi jhon. I hope you are fine and happy. Jhon I am sad because you are not reply me .my wish to meet you.

John Abraham: Sorry I made you sad, Yasmeen. I have been shooting for my next film so I only just saw this message. Please take care :)

Suparna Dutta: HI John, I am your biggest fan. You are my all time favorite... You are doing good....Wish you good luck for Parmanu, I'm waiting for this. stay blessed...

John Abraham: Thank you Suparna :)

Ankit Pandey: Dear sir, You are the real inspiration and i am one of the biggest fan of yours.I loved your work in Rocky Handsome thank you sir for inspiring the young generation by such great work of art and your fitness is great indeed Hats off to you sir. Eagerly waiting for your next movie 'Parmanu'. Best wishes.

John Abraham: Thank you Ankit. :)

sandeep kumar: your upcoming movie parmanu poster llooks amazing.

Praveen Kumar: Hello john, This is praveen..m in London for my study and my girlfriend her name is CHARU RANA.. she's in dehradun..actually she's ur biggest fan and sunday 06 august her birthday please it's my humble request could you please wish her..she will be very happy.. and this one will be biggest gift from my side.. Thankyou so much and take care

John Abraham: Hi Praveen. I am very sorry but I have been busy shooting and only just saw this message. I hope my belated wish will be ok... Happy Belated Birthday, Charu. So sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a great day. Sending you a BIG hug. Take care :)

Salman khan: Hi john sir, I am a very big fan of your i like your every movies specially Force. Sir that last fight sceen was amazing when you and vidyut sir faceoff please sir share your shooting experience with me.Sir you are my role model I follow you sir. Sir please tell me who is you role model in life?

John Abraham: Hi Salman. My father :)

Shujai S: After action - I'm wondering when does John play villain?

Shujai S: Got right perspective on social media in one of the interview those who troll

John Abraham: Thanks for that, Shujai. All the best to you :)

Neha: Hello John, I love you so much. I am your big fan. I just want to meet you once. love you

Razim Mohmedan: Hi John sir,hope all is going well.i m from Assam,North east India staying in bandra mumbai.i want to meet you at any condition and thats my only wish.

MANISH TUKARAM RATHOD: john i hv joined the gym 2 dys b4. however, i have prblm that i got sores in mouth and is increasing what should i do?..

John Abraham: Hi Manish. I'm not a doctor so I can't properly advise you on this problem. It is quite unlikely that joining a gym would cause this, so it may just be a coincidence. I really think you should consult a doctor. Please take care.

Sakina: Hi john, hope you will be fine and shine as always. I'm fine too. Actually I wanna start my M.S in finance after my b.b.a hons. I just want your best wishes and effective prayers for my heart's peace and successful life ahead .Sending best wishes from Mom and me . Love šŸŒ·

John Abraham: Hi Sakina. My very best wishes to you and your mom. Best of luck in your career too :)

C: Messr. Abraham, any chance of your revisiting dramatic roles in the near future? 'Water' is a standout. Continued success.

Durga Prasad Vithahavya: Hello. Sir I am a very big fan of you. You were amazing in Dhoom and as I am a fan I am desperately waitiwaiting to see you in a Biopic. As per my view I really wish I'd you can do the biopic on Mohammad Ali. Love and respect to you Sir.

Annie: Hi John :) l'm so happy u responded.. Thank you! My boyfriend Wendell Dias is just crazy for u!! He can literally watch the same movie of urs 100 times, currently I'm in India and he's overseas working hard for a future for us.. I couldn't gift him anything for his birthday which was on 6th June.. If u could wish him a belated birthday that would be the biggest gift I could ever give him!! He would literally cry in disbelief.. Very sorry for the long post

Rajat DEv : When will the Hira Ferry film fly out?

Rajat Dev : Best of luck for #Parmanu The Story Of Pokhran ... I will wait And I know this movie will be great because you are in this movie

John Abraham: Thank you Rajat. That means a lot :)

Ansh Chaturvedi: Hi John, i truly appreciate your words. meant a lot. i don't know, not feeling comfortable here to write my problem. well thank you again to write back. i am 100% sure i am going to be a Legend one day. and this is the one thing i will make sure to have like you. to be the people's superstar. couple of simple words from your idol meant so much. Thank you Superstar. :)

Assel: Good evening, Dear John :) Thank you for the first look of the movie! I love it very much the first look of Parmanu!!! So exciting!!! Waiting it very much!!! All the best wishes with the movie!!! I Love You Very Much :) Take care yourself :) Assel From KAZAKHSTAN :)

John Abraham: Thank you, Assel. You take care too :)

S Lokesh Prabhu: Hi John I am Lokesh Prabhu (33)From Madurai TamilNadu I am a Daibatees and i walk out in TreadMill.But After Seeing ur speech in Fitness I am Trying to get good fitness by work out.Thanks for inspiring me..

John Abraham: That's great, Lokesh. I wish you all the best in your quest for fitness. :)

Raftie Pankti: And yes one more thing you are looking absolutely Gorgeous and Handsome as always. We saw your shooting pics and of course your airport pics also. They were breathtaking. WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY JOHN. Yep, that's what i want to say. Keep Smiling. :))

Raftie Pankti: Dear John, Hope you doing good. Just saw the poster of your upcoming film #Parmanu . Trust me its amazing. Your rafties just cant wait to see you in that movie. Want to wish you and your whole team Good Luck for the film. And yes please do Take Care of Yours. Sending lots of love and regards. :))

John Abraham: Thank you, Pankti. I'm so glad you liked it. All the best to you and all the rafties :)

Abhishikta Ghosh: Thank you John for wishing me on my birthday on 14th June. I simply adore,love,respect you. You have the kindest soul among all the other celebrities having the prettiest smile. The way animals love you, proves what a great human being you are. Lots of love, your biggest admirer.

Charles : Nice Nissan ad John sir keep bringing on more