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Shujai S: So beautiful and soothing Arunachal Pradesh ad. Awesome First look of 'Parmanu'. You blended well on the map. Nice Camo :)

C: Messr. Abraham, any chance of your revisiting dramatic roles in the near future? 'Water' is a standout. Continued success.

Durga Prasad Vithahavya: Hello. Sir I am a very big fan of you. You were amazing in Dhoom and as I am a fan I am desperately waitiwaiting to see you in a Biopic. As per my view I really wish I'd you can do the biopic on Mohammad Ali. Love and respect to you Sir.

Annie: Hi John :) l'm so happy u responded.. Thank you! My boyfriend Wendell Dias is just crazy for u!! He can literally watch the same movie of urs 100 times, currently I'm in India and he's overseas working hard for a future for us.. I couldn't gift him anything for his birthday which was on 6th June.. If u could wish him a belated birthday that would be the biggest gift I could ever give him!! He would literally cry in disbelief.. Very sorry for the long post

Rajat DEv : When will the Hira Ferry film fly out?

Rajat Dev : Best of luck for #Parmanu The Story Of Pokhran ... I will wait And I know this movie will be great because you are in this movie

Ansh Chaturvedi: Hi John, i truly appreciate your words. meant a lot. i don't know, not feeling comfortable here to write my problem. well thank you again to write back. i am 100% sure i am going to be a Legend one day. and this is the one thing i will make sure to have like you. to be the people's superstar. couple of simple words from your idol meant so much. Thank you Superstar. :)

Assel: Good evening, Dear John :) Thank you for the first look of the movie! I love it very much the first look of Parmanu!!! So exciting!!! Waiting it very much!!! All the best wishes with the movie!!! I Love You Very Much :) Take care yourself :) Assel From KAZAKHSTAN :)

John Abraham: Thank you, Assel. You take care too :)

S Lokesh Prabhu: Hi John I am Lokesh Prabhu (33)From Madurai TamilNadu I am a Daibatees and i walk out in TreadMill.But After Seeing ur speech in Fitness I am Trying to get good fitness by work out.Thanks for inspiring me..

John Abraham: That's great, Lokesh. I wish you all the best in your quest for fitness. :)

Raftie Pankti: And yes one more thing you are looking absolutely Gorgeous and Handsome as always. We saw your shooting pics and of course your airport pics also. They were breathtaking. WE LOVE YOU ANYWAY JOHN. Yep, that's what i want to say. Keep Smiling. :))

Raftie Pankti: Dear John, Hope you doing good. Just saw the poster of your upcoming film #Parmanu . Trust me its amazing. Your rafties just cant wait to see you in that movie. Want to wish you and your whole team Good Luck for the film. And yes please do Take Care of Yours. Sending lots of love and regards. :))

John Abraham: Thank you, Pankti. I'm so glad you liked it. All the best to you and all the rafties :)

Abhishikta Ghosh: Thank you John for wishing me on my birthday on 14th June. I simply adore,love,respect you. You have the kindest soul among all the other celebrities having the prettiest smile. The way animals love you, proves what a great human being you are. Lots of love, your biggest admirer.

Charles : Nice Nissan ad John sir keep bringing on more

Tejashree Reddy: Wishing a very Happie Father's Day to u John.....its always a bliss to be a parent to a dog.... they are such a honest, kind-hearted and lovely creatures....hugs to u and Bailey... :)

Ayesha : We all know your love for bikes and your passion for fitness. What would you choose between bikes fitness and fangirls :p

mariyah: hi john..my name is mariyah..m biggggg fan of you..i would appreciate it more than words,although i'd understand if u didn't respond..

John Abraham: Hi Mariyah. Thanks for your support :)

Annie: Hi there, :) I can't contain my smile when I think of you.. You are an amazing person, you're my inspiration.. We truly need more souls like you on this earth!! I'm in awe of you :* Keep doing what you do.. God bless..

John Abraham: Thank you, Annie. So sweet :)

Selvaraaj M: Hello Sir, Very excellent tips to keep healthy. Your statements for maintaining fitness of yourself are highly appreciable.

Kashish: John sir I can't explain what you mean to me. You are such an inspiration. And you are the perfect combination of cute and sexy. Your body and most importantly your dimples are to die for. I hope one day I get to meet the man I worship. Asheghetam

Mihel : Hi John how going your new project?

Shujai S: Poor animals suffer. Severely treated in labs. I like Jacqueline F. For she's against animal testing... Non-cruelty- free-makeup. Against cosmetics?

John Abraham: Hi Shujai. I'm against any needless cruelty to animals.

vikrant kapoor : Hey John sir i have very good Friend of Mine she is a big big Friend of urs she lives in Germany and her biggest wish is to get a Birthday wish from you i would be very Thank Full if u Could fulfill a wish of a very Sweet Girl. I want to fulfill her Dream because i like her very much and she is someone who helps everyone But no one thinks Abt her sir i would do anything that her Birthday wish comes True Pls help me John sir

John Abraham: Hi Vikrant. You don't say your friend's name or when her birthday is. Message again and I'll wish her. I hope I haven't missed it.

Divya : Hi John, at my new school,some friends decided to gift me a t.shirt. They asked,what I would like to have on it. I replied, Just write JOHN ABRAHAM. Yes! Really! This name has magic! I feel so, so, so good seeing it.

John Abraham: That's very sweet, Divya :)

Genesis Christian: Hi john, My parents gifted me a pet. A cute dog. I kept her name Bella(Sounds Near to Bailey). :) Love you Big fan..

Udyaa: Hi John. I am a big fan since 2000. I just wish if i could ever get a hug from u.. I love your movies and i wish great success for you in future. With lots of love.

John Abraham: Sending you a big hug across cyber space, Udyaa :)

Himanshu: John bhai plzzz release ur next film (parmanu)on my birthday 6th Dec 😊 😍😍😍 love u a lot

PRAVEEN SINGH: Hello Sir . I don't have much to say but only one thing and that is I am a very big fan of yours , can't express in words. Just want to request you to make a visit to Lucknow , I want to meet you sir. Love you sir. 😊

sannaya : Dearest JOHN ABRAHAM , Thank you for being my biggest crush, obsession and so much more than my favorite Bollywood actor. Your infectious smile, warmth, deep dimples, magnificent physique and overall charm has had me as your most ardent fan for over 9 years. All I want to say is keep believing in what you do. You're the most successful Bollywood actor-producer, you have won the National Award for two unique and special ventures, been India's nomination for the Academy Awards.(WATER )I Love you

John Abraham: Thanks Sannaya. It's people like you who have made me who I am in this industry :)

Ansh Chaturvedi: I need help brother, i am passionate about fitness, but loosing myself completely.. :(

John Abraham: Hi Ansh. I'm sorry to hear that, but you'll need to be more specific. Lost in what way? Message again and I'll try to help if I can :)

Kashish: I am one of your really big big fans. I watch all your movies and I actually can never stop crushing over your physique. You are by far the most well built actor that Bollywood has had. You are not just A Star for me you're my life. You really inspired me to be fit. I've started going to the gym regularly in a hope that if one day I get to meet you in person I'm fit enough. Hope that happens soon

Soham Bhowal: Hi sir...I'm a really big fan of yours...I really loved you in the Nissan ad...wanted to ask if you have any plans for producing or acting in a cricket based film. Loved seen you doing football in de dhana dhan goal, but would love to see you batting...please consider doing one such film...Love and Respect :)

John Abraham: Hi Soham. I would love to do a cricket-based project but there are no plans at the moment. I do love the sport but it would have to be a great script. All the best :)

Niket: Hi John sir, very respect to you. I wanna see you again with Katrina ma'm. Are you doing?

John Abraham: No immediate plans, Niket. We are both very busy with other projects. Maybe in the future :)

Jeniva Bayn: Hi John , m from Guwahati Iam ur Big Big Fan, You a best actor i ever seen.. I watched out all of ur movies..force is one of ur best! wanna meet u one day, best wishes fo ur future... love you

Ann: Hey John, This is your fan from Serbia, Europe. I have seen ALL of your movies and also learned a bit of hindi too because of it haha. I just wanna let you know that I appreciate your talent and you are THE BEST of the best.

John Abraham: Thanks Ann. So sweet of you :)

Heshan Dinusha: Hi John,I am from Sri lanka.Hope you are doing well.I am a big fan of you.when I first saw you I was like,Hey who is this sexy guy.Then I wanted to look like you and tried to smile like you.Then I watched lots of your interviews on youtube and read article in magazines.Now I have realized that your success is not all about your look.It is all about your brain and subborn mind.Wish you all the best.

John Abraham: Stubborn mind. I like that. Thank you Heshan :)

Ronak Upadhyay: Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.

Charles : John sir I pray that your movies do well.

rishi: hi john, why don't you consider doing a remake of John wick? you can nail that character for sure

John Abraham: Hi Rishi. It's an interesting idea but maybe too similar to the Rocky Handsome character I played recently.

Shujai S: You have a nice impact on Bailey, she seems disciplined as well. Most pets are fed with pedigree, synthetic foods which dehydrate them and they are likely to drink more water that makes them seem healthy. What type of feed do you prefer for pets?

John Abraham: Hi Shujai. I believe you should feed your pet with the best you can afford. For some people that just isn't possible but as long as a pet is loved and not treated badly, that's the important thing.

Bikash das: hay jhon i m big fan.of u bcz u.r.so cool thats why i like u so much

Divya : Hi John, thank you for your wishes. You will be glad to know that I got a job in a very good school.

John Abraham: Well done, Divya. I had every confidence in you :)

Rijo Babu: Hi sir,While watching your movie,I feel so happy when you make an entry whether it be Dhoom,Force or Disshhuum, Each of your movie has its own different catch... Hope to see you soon with a new release.And apart from the reel life I really like your real life,the way of being a good Human.I have known from newsletters that you have been good to heart for the needy one's in the society.Thanks for that specially.Keeping in prayers dear Bro.. May you achieve all ur drms.. God bless.. Rijo

John Abraham: Wow, thanks for that message, Rijo. People like you have made me who I am in this industry:)

Karen Absolom: Hi John looking forward to your next movie just want to wish you all the best and I really appreciate you keep up the good work love and adore from Karen πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ πŸ‘πŸ‘

Hind Belail: You are just the best in everything, even the choice of you're films is always up to world class excellence. Stay proud and confident and thank you for all the positive inspiration you share. Just please stay as you are as you changed me in all the good and strong ways. Looking forward to force 3. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈ

John Abraham: Thanks Hind. Very sweet :)

Mihel : Hi John how are you? I so happy for your new project and want to see :) Good luck :)

Piyush Sajal: hi John it me again, i must tell you Abhishikta Ghosh is my love and she adore you and loves you, you are her rock-star or i say Rocky-handsome, her birthday is on 14th June i am making a special video for her so if you could write something or wish her, she will be very happy. Please make her birthday special

John Abraham: Hi Abhishikta. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday on 14th June. Have a wonderful day :)

Nir: hi sir, how r u

muhamadnoorzaei: hi sir good missed you so much hope you are doing well and great wanted to know if race 3 will be released and wanted to know salman khan will be playing the role instead of you hope the best of luck as usual soheila is always sending regards to you from iran as well as me you just dont know how much me and soheila love you good luck handsome love you hope in future i can meet you and i will make my dream be fulfill

John Abraham: Hi :) Sorry, but I don't know anything about Race 3 or who is going to be in it. Sending you and Soheila a big hug :)

Ayurva: Hey John..Whats up..eagerly waiting for your next movie....all the best