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Abhishek Karan: Hi John sir,I want to thank u from the bottom of my heart for always being a wonderful role model and getting me to where I'm today.I met u back in 2017,its been a long journey since then and years later here i'm working hard n living my dreams.I will be completing my MBA here in Canada soon and would definitely come to meet u. One of my dreams is to own a GYPSY one day just like u and I've always had a crush on it since forever.Hope u have a wonderful year ahead n thank u once again SPARTAAAA !

John Abraham: I'm very honoured you think I inspired you, Abhishek. But it was you who did all the hard work. I have no doubt you'll own that Gypsy one day. Drive it with care and pride. :)) SPARRRRTAAAAA!!!!

Nyok Mooi Woon: Hi John It was by accident that I stumbled into your website- found an Indian hunk appear on my monitor!!! Shocking indeed! To further kill my curiousity to find out who is John Abraham I googled deeper and further. Found out that your are such a filia piety son. Your parents especially your mom is so blessed to have you. All the best to your career . Do treat me to Dosa when I visit Mumbai in the near future. FYI I am from Malaysia.

Aliza: All the best for the journey of PagalPanti, As the shoot has began.Can't wait to watch your upcoming projects! Wishing you luck from karachi,Pakistan

Raftie Pankti: Love John, Hope you are doing good. I missed you so much. Just want to say a quick HI and I really wish you are all happy and well. The teaser of RAW is fab and can't wait for April. Wish you all good luck Hero. Stay Happy and Blessed. Lots of Love... Yours' Loving, Raftie Pankti

John Abraham: Hi Pankti. Thanks for the good wishes. All the best to you too. And to all the rafties :))

Ramesh: Dear John , Please share more photos and videos of you with baily in instagram . All photos and videos are very cute you posted. Thank you

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saw a video in Viral's Insta of yours going inside the airport, i think its for Pagalpanti ri8?????? All the best for the shoot sir, Waiting for it

Razim : Thank you sir...for the first time i feel i m also someone..sir you make my day.love you so much sir.

Aliza: Hi john,i wanna send you some red roses and dark chocolates this day, Will you be my valentine! As i am a huge fan

Divya : Happy Valentines day 😊 John! God bless you and your family 👪

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day sir.... Sir how to make a GF or find the love of our life sir???? Please guide me

John Abraham: Ha ha If I knew the secret of that, Pranav, I'd be a very rich man. :))

Razim Mohmedan: Hello sir,hope you are fine and everything going well.14th feb is not only valentine day but also my birth day.if you reply me that will best ever .

John Abraham: Best wishes on your birthday Razim. Have a great day. :))

Vasantani Yash: Yes sir we want to see you in a horror movie you are always choosing best scrips and always coming with content movies you are extraordinary in bollywood industry. We wants to see some best horror movie . if you do it will be too much fun in cinema imagine when audience will scream what will be the reaction and should not be like love stories in horror movie like 1920 and it will be something different in bollywood which is never from long time in bollywood and you are best always !!!!

Nidhi Patwa: hii sir, i saw your movie Aetbar ,saaya that was fantastic, and after that i became your biggest fan, Like you sir i am also fitness freak, working on my abs. And also animal lover like you.You are not an actor for me you are my ideal.Soon i am going to open a Foundation named "john Abraham Foundation",in it i will help poor people and animals. wanna to meet you.sir i missed you so much and cry because of missing you.right now eyes in tears.take care sir .

John Abraham: Best of luck for that, Nidhi. Animals need all the help and support we can give them. And please don't cry. Best wishes to you :))

John abraham fans: Hello John sir you have produced excellent movies like vicky donor, madras cafe, parmanu and many more. in Bollywood from long time there is no good horror movie or not good script horror movies as you are producing always great movies please produce an horror kickass movie which will make audience very much frightened and please you should work on it we want to see you in big screen in horror look.. And also something different in Bollywood it will be with your extraordinary performance....

Stephany Franco: Hi John! Yesterday I saw Aetbaar a great movie, but your performance was the best, I have become your fan, I have read on wikipedia that you are one of those few actors that have successes in all their films, I congratulate you, I am going to see all your movies, I would love it that your new movie Romeo Akbar Walter is released in my country, I'm your new fan from Lima-Peru (America).

John Abraham: All the best to you, Stephany. I hope you get to see RAW. :))

See Lo: As an Asian American who grew up watching Hong Kong cinema, I was very skeptical when it came to Bollywood action films. I was forced into watching Force 2 on Netflix with family members a few weeks ago. Great film, great action and a surprise to boot. I'm very picky when it comes to my action films, but while watching the S. Korean film adaptation of Rocky Handsome; wow. Great job on the knife fight sequence. Brutal, but very authentic. Kudos and all the best with your adventures.

John Abraham: Glad you enjoyed it, See Lo. It took a lot of blood and sweat to get it right. Your appreciation makes it all worth it :)) Thank you.

Joel barboza: Hii John , So this request is for my wife. She is an immensely big fan of yours and she has been trying to get hold of you since a long long time but all efforts seems to have gone in vain. I please request you to just say some few words to her and she would just be flattered. Her name is Namitha D’silva. Thanks John.

John Abraham: Hi Namitha. Thanks for your support. It means a lot. Sending you a BIG hug. Take care :))

Aliza: I met you in my dream today We had this fun chat about your bikes

John Abraham: That sounds like fun, Aliza. I love to talk bikes :))

Divya : John, I love you intensely. Not because of your body or face but because of the beautiful heart that you have. It's your inner beauty that makes you so appealing. I love you so much...

Ranjana Bhattacharya: You are the perfect example of all things a man should possess --- highly educated , too too good looking , very composed ...... the list is too long Sir

John Abraham: Wow... thank you, Ranjana. That is already quite a list. :))

Rahul Purohit: Jai Hind sir... today is my Birthday...love you ...@being_john_666 @jafcian

John Abraham: Happy Birthday, Rahul. I hope you have a great day. All the best to you :))

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John Sir!!!!!!!!!!!! I have started running after 1 year, as per your guidance i am wearing sports shoes and running, will be thin for you and meet you soon. Love You

John Abraham: I look forward to it, Pranav. Take care. :))

Divya : Hi John,you will be glad to know that I am getting better now. But it was a hard battle. Went through lots of challenges. I saw trailer of RAW. Fantastic! You are playing so many different types of characters. It proves you are a versatile actor.I think of you daily. Sometimes cry missing you...right now too tears are not stopping. Take care of yourself always... You mean the world to me.

John Abraham: Please don't cry, Divya. I'm very glad to hear your health is improving. No more tears now. Smile and think of the future. Sending you a hug :))

jay upreti: cant wait for the movie . 12th April will change everything again. it will be our happy day :) #95autograph

Radha Dobhal: Hello John I love your movies! You are really Rocky Handsome! Wish I could meet you some day. All the best sweetie always. Cheers - Radha

Aliza: Hi john i wanna tell you that i am a huge fan of yours, i watch your films

Sakina: Hi John, writing here after many days about Rocky handsome, I have never seen such level of action and fight in Bollywood

John Abraham: Thanks Sakina. It took a lot of work, blood and sweat :))

Mehtaz and Jem: Hi John, it's Mehtaz

niranjan boresa: hi baba i am niranjan boresa .i m your very biggest fan . i have one dream someday i will meet with you ......your jafcian fan from rajasthan and all the best for raw and batla house

Ambarish Nag: Hi John, I've started working out a while ago. I was going through your tips on health and workout to get some perspective. You mentioned that you are a Pescatarian. I wanted to know if avoiding meat has something to do with your workout? If so, I would like to know why! Also, what's your take on caffeine intake?

John Abraham: Hi Ambarish. The reason I switched from vegetarian to eating eggs and fish was simply because I found it difficult to get the protein I needed to build the muscle size I wanted. Some people do have great success bodybuilding on a pure veg diet so if it's working for you that's great. I try to take it easy on caffeine because it can affect sleep but again, some people drink black coffee before working out because they feel it enhances their performance. I'm not sure if that's backed up by proper research though. I hope that helps. All the best.

mubarak khan: speech less john sir what acting its amazing one the best movie in history in bollywood super hit sir ....love u sir

Harp Honey: Hi john sir best of luck all upcoming movies !! And your all dream successful in life . From bhuat Sara love ( punjab) ki Tarf say.

Manish Jafcins: Hi Baba I'm Big fan ur my frist love I love it raw teaser 10 time watching really amazing

John Abraham: Thanks Manish. Much appreciated :))

Santara Gani Rahman: Hi John. Thankyou so much for your reply to my previous message. I’m an extremely introverted person. I just don’t know how to talk to new people. Being an introvert just kills me because it feels so awkward I don’t know how to explain it. This makes me to become more and more unsocial and I find it really difficult to make new friends. What suggestions do you have for people like me who’s an introvert? Eagerly waiting for your reply. From your biggest fan, Santara.

John Abraham: Hi Santara. I'm sorry to hear that. But please don't be hard on yourself. Everyone feels insecure or shy at times. I'm not an expert, but maybe try joining a group like a book club, or some other topic that interests you, like films, fitness or the environment. Meeting people with similar interests will make conversation easier. Just breathe and smile. Trust me, people are not nearly as scary as you think. I hope that helps :))

Santara Gani Rahman: Hi John. I really like you a lot as an actor and person. There’s something I wanted to ask you is that how do you deal with depression and anxiety if you have? Or what suggestions would you give to the people dealing with depression and anxiety? I don’t know if you are getting my message or not but if you do, then your reply for it would mean a lot to me! Wishing you all the best for your life and your upcoming films. Eagerly waiting for your reply, Santara.

John Abraham: Hi Santara. Well, I'm not an expert on this. If you're talking about just feeling low or lacking in confidence, well it happens to us all at times. There's nothing else to do but hold your head up and push through it. Smiling helps. When you're feeling low, smile. Just the action of smiling releases feel-good chemicals in the body. Try it and see. I hope that helps. Please take care :))

Liyakat ali: Hy big brother.. How are you.. Best off luck upcoming movie Romeo Akbar walter.. Your next blockbuster movie 2019 After Smj.. I pry for Allah u r always fit... My pry with u....

jay upreti: omg RAW teaser is a treat for us and best republic day gift. everyone is praising it. i know a already told you that john abraham is the new genre of bollywood but again you make me say this. that is why we are your proud audience first and fans after. long way to go and we are with you in your journey. proud that we follow you. love you john #95autograph to go



John Abraham: 50 times? Wow, thanks, Sarvpriy. Glad you liked it :))

Nida: Hey, watched RAW teaser. Amazing! I am just so eager to know which patriot's story it is based on. Somewhere by the teaser feel it's based on Ravindra Kaushik Sir's story. Eagerly waiting for the movie to find the answer. All the Best Sir.

Harshit Bhardwaj: Big Bro Watching your New Movie Teaser again

John Abraham: Thanks Harshit :)


asra jabeen: teaser out now #RAW love your hardwork sir best wishes:)

John Abraham: Thanks, Asra :))

dinesh sarvaiya jafacians: hiiii.... john sir namsty RAW ka poster kamal ko hai thnkyu and best of luck for RAW v love sir....

John Abraham: All the best to you too, Dinesh :)

Pranav JAFCIAN: Hi John SIr!!!!!!!!!!! Just saw the poster of RAW: Romeo Akbar Walter, this poster has many stories i guess as it has 8 looks of your and you are looking amazing!!!!! Eagerly waiting for this epic... I WISH ALL YOUR MOVIES GAIN ALL THE SUCCESS AND BREAKS THE RECORDS OF BAHUBALI ALSO!!!!!! LOVE YOU LOADS SIR

John Abraham: Thank you Pranav. :))

Suresh John Bishnoi: Hy baba What a mind blowing diffrent looks RAW poster' one time twitter india's trending no.1 our jafcians boys full supporting shareing the poster'and i'm also very happy to i see you 2 Time meet with you love you baba All the best for RAW' And i will come to 11th April with our jafcians club on special screening with banner and raw tshirts pls baba give permission on the special screening. i'm not a just your big fan i'm your little brother Take care Hero :))

John Abraham: Take care, Suresh. Love to the Jafcians :))

Aliza: Hey john! Just watch the first poster of ROMEO AKBAR WALTER

Assel from KAZAKHSTAN: Good evening, Dear John :) Watched SMJ! So impressed! You are so fantastic in action scenes! All the best on the work and take care yourself! I love you very much!!!

John Abraham: Glad you liked it, Assel. It took a lot of work :))

RAFTIE Dr MONMOYURI: Hi JOHN. As you will be busy shooting for "PAGALPANTI" in London in the month of February, so the only POSSIBLE DATE to come to Guwahati and to cheer for your boys in the stadium for the last time this season (2018-19) is on 26th of January. Hopefully you come. 👍

John Abraham: I'd love to come, Monmoyuri, but unfortunately it's not looking likely right now. Too much work. Give the boys an extra cheer for me :))

Dipti: Hi John Sir, How are you? After watching Parmanu and Madras Cafe I became your fan. Your performance were amazing.I did not like to do exercise earlier but, after knowing how fitness freak you are I want to be more fit and started doing exercise. And now I am loving it, thank you for motivating me. You are such a lovely person. All the best for your future films .

John Abraham: I'm glad I was able to help, Dipti. But it's you who did all the hard work. Well done for that. All the best :))