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Hind Belail: As for your new movie force3, when should it be coming out inshallah and you are a world class actor,when I said James Bond I wasn't complimenting its the truth honestly. By the way I watched you're episodes, Simple life and you a well mannered sophisticated person and very beautifully brought up please thank you're parents for they did a fantastic job in everything. You deserve the best and you are always pray for you goodluck in everything you are full of excellent inspiration for all. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈ

Mehtaz: Hi John!!! I'm raftie Mehtaz. Just a look at your angelic face lights up my day. My birthday is on 22nd May

Divya : Last evening I saw your cute video of Nissan play and win. You bowl so cutely!! Choo chweet!

Himanshu: John bhai I am a big fan of yours from Jammu John bhai do come to Jammu and keep going u r making awsum movies. M waiting for shantivan force 3 and of course the expendables

Kinjal: Hey john!! Im so glad i can write to you here. I need a HUGE favour from you. There is a guy called Yash, in Dubai. He has come accross you in many events like the home centre and radio station. I just hope you remember. He is crazy crazy fan of yours. His birthday is coming up and i just need a very small message from you, wishing him. It would make his day. Anything you could do would mean the world to us. We love you I really hope you get back to me. Waiting!!

Nikhil Rajeev : Sir , I am Nikhil Rajeev from Kerala, student of kendriya vidyalaya no 1 kochi .We malayalies are waiting for you in our Malayalam industry. Sir will this dream come true 😍. Pls try Malayalam movie ,We will welcome you from our heart ❀️ Pls reply sir πŸ˜ƒ

jin yeong: Thanks for your reply..so shooting stars?

Mangesh: John sir, This is Mangesh.. my girlfriend is die heart of yours. Her name is Tarannum. She has seen all your movies.. if she saw you on Tv then she keep blush a lot.. i have no words how much crazzy she is for you.Sir.. i love her a lot and i can do anything for her. (What is in my hand) We have a anniversary On 22nd of May.. i am planning to go J w Marriott and book a suit room for her. Sir its my request. Can you make our anniversary special.. by doing something from your side. Please sir

Divya : I really love you a lot................... There's no end to it. My superman, beautiful soul!

Divya : Thanks a ton for your mail. I have no words to express how good I feel to hear from you. For me, it's 'JOHN THERAPY '. Yes! Need it as stressed searching for a suitable job. You bet, it not easy. Thank you so much John for lifting my spirits! Do I need to tell you how much I love you 😊

abhijeet : hi John sir big fan of yours since my collage days that time i was working as light man at your shooting in center one mall i had seen u personally when you were shooting for pantaloons ad i took your autograph n got few health tips from now I am also into fitness

Anuj Sharma: Hi John, Please bring back your long hair look. Really liked your performances in Rocky Handsome, Paap, Karam and Jhootha Hi Sahi. But I think your best performance till now has been yor role in No Smoking. Please make the Mohun Bagan, 1911 movie soon. I want to see you in an epic scale paranormal fantasy thriller , maybe one adapted from a novel.

preeti: M a big fan of yours!!! I jst want say dat you r d best πŸ˜ƒ..n wish you all d best for ur upcoming films n ur life..always keep smiling n show ur cute dimples😊

John Abraham: Thank you, Preeti. I'm smiling right now :)

Divya : Wish I could direct you in a film. I would unveil every hidden talent of yours. Yeah! Still a lot is unexposed!

Divya : Honestly, I'm dying to see you in a love story! I really don't know why people feel you are good only in action movies. You are good in all kinds of roles.

John Abraham: Hi Divya. Perhaps a love story with a bit of an edge to it. Something unusual. That would interest me. :)

jin yeong : Hi John. long time no see.. how are you spending your days?

John Abraham: Very busy preparing for a new production, Jin. Shooting starts soon :)

Charles : John sir you are the best keep up the good work

Mihel : Hi John :) What is your dreaming project of your life?

Adarsh Muraleedharan: Hi John, I'm a big fan of yours, from Kerala. I have completed my Higher secondary Course and waiting for results. On this vacation I have been watching your interviews and movies. You're so humble and inspiring personality. I came to know that you have roots in Kerala as your father is Malayali. It's a great news and I feel more close to you. Thank you John for being an inspiring personality and All the Best for your career. God Bless you my dear Brother... With lots of Love, Adarsh

John Abraham: Thanks Adarsh :)

Larissa Pereira: Hi John !! .... I am 20 years old and I am a great fan of yours. I have watched all your movies and admire all your performances. I really love the way how you have a different perspective of looking at things especially when you speak about giving back to the society. Even though you being a star the humility you show towards everyone is commendable. Keep up the good work.!!!!

John Abraham: Thanks Larissa, you're very sweet :)

Dipesh : Hi sir .. Whenever i see your picture 1st thing come to my mind is i am seeing someone genuine, i am seeing someone unbiased , true,honest... that roa is quite difficult to walk on .., why u dont admit on talking steroids!

John Abraham: That's because I don't take them, Dipesh. They are very bad for the body in the long term. That's why it always takes me many months to build up my body for a role.

Tejashree Reddy: Hai Superstar...im so happy...u always surprise me with ur sweet replies....Thank you sooooo much for taking time from ur busy schedule and replying to ur fans....hugs to u and Bailey... :)

shayan: thanks for your email back john made my day :) well hopefully i get to meet the guy i have been following for 17years lol if you are not in the country at the time i am in india with friends it is fine :) good luck with your career :) shayan

Divya : Thank you 😊, John! It means a lot! Venetia put a beautiful black and white picture of yours. Very sweet picture.

sujata: thanx for replying Bdy Bahiyaa You know what when I have any problem/situation which I cannot share with anyone else, I share that with you. I sit alone, close my eyes

Neel Desai: Hi John sir! I don't know if you remember me, its been long since I have msged you. I hope this msg reaches you in your best health. I just wanted to tell you that I am currently in the highest point of my life. I have a head high with my feet on the ground. I am very fit physically, mentally, and I must say that you have a very major role in this. I am so thankful that India has such a great star and role model like you. I really hope that I get to meet you someday! Its my lifelong wish.

John Abraham: That's great, Neel. I'm happy I inspired you but it was you who did the hard work. All the best to you :)

Divya : Hi John, in Pune since 6th. Came for mum's first death anniversary which was on 9th. Glad you are back home safe. Take care 😊 You mean so much to me! Oh yes! My ECCE diploma final exams results came and guess what? I got 96.66%.

John Abraham: Wow. Congratulations Divya, I knew you'd do well :)

Hri: hi John sir/bhaiya ????? i want to start off with how much i love you. I have been your fan since I was a child. I literally have a page from 2009 wherein we had a task from school to write about ourselves, needless to say my favourite actor was and still is John Abhraham. My mom always brings me cookies and little treats on your birthday i love you so much it almost makes me sad :(

John Abraham: Thank you Hri, you're very sweet :)

Anirban Ghoshzilla: Hey John! dhan dhana dhan goal was a superb movie. What about some movie on sports in near future.

shayan chand : Hi John, hope your well, thanks for your reply to my previous email, i was just wondering i am from sydney and didnt really get to meet you at the sydney show and get an autograph i am coming to india for a visit in december and was wondering if you meet your fans for a few minutes? hopefully i hear back from you keep doing what you have been doing love your work :) shayan

John Abraham: Hi Shayan. I always try to see my fans :) But December is a long way off. I have a release on 8th which I'll be promoting beforehand, which means I may be traveling outside Mumbai. Sorry I can't be more specific. I'll know what's happening nearer the time :)

Hansara: Hi john. Thanks a lot for your reply I appreciate it so much. Finally the wedding has finished with a glitzy and happy ending. I can now relax looking back with a smile on my face.

Rohit Rawat: Thank you so much for replying, John. Yes, being an actor, producer and owning a football team is bound to take a lot of time :) I really can't wait for 8th December now. I know the film will be a great success :)

Shujai S: Going lean that's practical, variety of roles, endless themes. Working with younger actresses, that's cool. Sure is going to be interesting - another I Me Aur Main?

John Abraham: Ha ha, no Shujai. The audience didn't like me in the rom com space.

Ghanshyam Rao Shinde: Hello John Sir, U r doing so many social works that is good. Will you try to do something which motivates our school kids. They Love you so may be they will listen o you as-well :-P

John Abraham: Hi Ghanshyam. Yes you're right, they're the future of our country. I'll try :)

sujata: hi every girl in this world loves you, me too but in a totally different manner. I love you as my elder brother (bdy bhiya)

John Abraham: That's sweet, Sujata. Thank you :)

Hana: Hello John, I liked your acting in the film Baabul with Rani Mukherjee and Salman Khan. Are you starring in any new films?

Mihel : Hi John, i want to know do you want to make Rocky Handsome 2 part ? i will happy on this movie if you make part 2 and want to know what do you think :) I like your movie like a Force 1 and 2 :) Shootout at Wadala is too strong movie :)

Mihel : Thanks to answer me John :)

suneel: Hello Sir i really feel happy when you reply

John Abraham: I'm happy that you're happy, Suneel :)

Genesis Christian: Hi John, Hope you well. Waiting for your movies.. Love you big fan.

Hind Belail: You are really a hard worker force 2, full of real action,and has humour with credible events, it is an excellent movie better than any James Bond movie hope you don't mind that's my opinion and may god inshallah grant you all your wishes, truly the best you are, just keep on the good work going good luck in everything. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

John Abraham: Thanks Hind, I would never mind being compared to Bond. It's a huge compliment. I hope you enjoy Force 3 as much :)

Rajat Dev : John Abraham in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables remake its true sir?

John Abraham: Hi Rajat. I'm hoping it will happen. Can't say too much more right now :)

Sritama Pal: Hi john I am a big fan of yours sine the time I saw your film force. I have watched all your films . You have become an inspiration in my life . Pls take care of yourself. I will pray to god that you be safe. I am in 11th standard now and a huge fan of yours . Its for the first time I am messaging You.,,Please Reply..

John Abraham: Hi Sritama. So glad you liked Force. Thanks for your support :)

Mishel: Hi John, i want to know which movie of your is favorite for you and why? And do you have a favorite song of yours movie?

John Abraham: There are so many favourites, Mishel, it's impossible to say. With films I could say that my favourite is the one I'm about to start shooting :)

Anjlee: Hi John, I recently watched Force 2 and absolutely loved it. Your movies are great to watch, and I look forward to seeing more!

Tejashree Reddy: Dear John you are my offscreen Baahubali....love you Superstar... :)

John Abraham: Thanks, Tejashree, that's very sweet :)

umer bashir: hello rocky no need to say handsome everybdy knows that i am a huge fan can you please tell me in nutshell the rules of body building how to loose fat and gain musle and shape may be six pack too would be your kindness and most important diet but what a middleclass boy like me can afford thank you umer

John Abraham: Hi Umer. In a nutshell, if you want to lose fat you need to eat less and do more cardio exercise. If you want to increase muscle you need to workout with weights and eat plenty of protein to feed your muscles so they will grow. You don't need to spend a huge amount to see results. What you do need is dedication and consistency. Work out daily. No excuses. Don't fixate on the six pack. Get your body fit and accustomed to exercise first. I hope that helps :)

AMIT SHAW: what do you want to do for our great INDIA in future or in recent future? what advice do you want to give our youths?

John Abraham: Hi Amit. I would love India to become the next superpower. And to the youth I would say live cleanly and decently with respect for elders and kindness to all.

Arpita: Hi john which is your next movie?

John Abraham: No title for it yet, Arpita, but we start shooting end of May :)

Shujai S: Smart ad Garnier. Gorgeous hairstyle - Macho!